Kidney Disease in Cats: the Silent Killer

What do kidneys do?

Healthy kidneys filter waste from the blood, regulate blood pressure, calcium and phosphorous levels, and help create new blood cells. Kidneys are VITAL! When there’s kidney damage, waste builds up and cannot be eliminated. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is often called the ‘silent killer’ because in its early stages, cats show NO SIGNS of being ill.

Why is early detection so important?

This disease affects 1 in 3 cats so it’s important to get your cat tested, especially as they’re maturing. Unfortunately, symptoms don’t show up until 75% of kidney function is compromised but if caught early, CKD can be treated successfully and prevent permanent damage. Visible signs of CKD are apparent when kidney disease has progressed. Look for symptoms like loss of appetite, excessive drinking, or weight loss, but don’t wait till you notice symptoms! This disease can be detected with a blood test before the kidneys are damaged to that degree.

Where can I get a screening to test for CKD?

To protect your cat, we are offering $100 off a screening blood test through June 30, 2024. Call us today to schedule your cat at 815-941-9924.

Dr. Nicky Polson is the veterinarian owner of Animal Care Hospital of Morris.