Four Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe Over the Holidays

The holidays are a fun and busy time of year, but don’t forget to take the time to make sure your pets are safe from the dangers of holiday decorations and plants. This preparation can help to prevent an emergency trip to the vet. Watch out for these 4 top reasons our pet clients come in unexpectedly this time of year.

#1 Christmas Trees – real or fake, your Christmas tree could pose a hazard for your pets. First off, you’ll want to make sure your tree is secure and won’t tip over because there is a chance that your cat may consider the Christmas tree his new sparkly toy or climbing tree.

The second thing to watch out for with Christmas trees is that real trees need water and pets won’t know the difference between the tree’s water bowl and their own. The problem with pets drinking from the tree water is the additives, such as sugar or aspirin, that some people add. “Drinking that water will make your pet sick,” says Dr. Megan Bauer, at Animal Care Hospital. “I recommend a constant supply of fresh water in their own bowl, or even better, a pet drinking water fountain.” And keep that beautiful poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe out of your pet’s reach as well! They’re all poisonous for pets.

#2 Watch out for cords! Strings of lights and extension cords are enticing chew toys for both cats and dogs. Make sure they’re well-hidden since chewed wires cause painful burns and can deliver a lethal electric shock.

#3 Skip the Tinsel – “Tinsel is a kitty’s favorite toy – but ingesting it can lead to vomiting and an upset tummy, and possibly surgery,” says Dr. Megan Bauer. So if there are any furry friends in your home, pass on the tinsel.

#4 Chocolate – “We all know not to let our dogs eat chocolate,” adds Dr. Bauer, “but don’t wrap a box of chocolate and put it under the tree either. Dogs can easily find it with their keen sense of smell, and they love chocolate. Ingesting it will make them very ill, so keep chocolate gifts out of reach.”

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