Animal Care Hospital Canine Influenza Vaccination Recommendations

Vaccination Information for Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) H3N8 & H3N2

  1. At Animal Care Hospital, we are cautiously monitoring the national CIV outbreak. As such, CIV vaccination will be recommended, but not required for canines 6 weeks and older, boarding or bathed in our facilities.

  2. ACH urges pet owners to consider vaccinating their pets if they visit dog parks, day care facilities, groomers, boarding facilities or participate in public pet events, training classes, agility competitions or your dog spends time around horses. If your pet visits these types of facilities or events, your pet is at a higher risk of exposure to both CIV viruses.

  3. Proper vaccination with both strains of the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) vaccine will require two initial sets of injections given two to four weeks apart, followed by a yearly booster. NOTE: YOUR PET IS NOT CONSIDERED PROTECTED FROM BOTH VIRUSES UNTIL A MINIMUM OF 14 DAYS AFTER THE SECOND INJECTION.

  4. VERY IMPORTANT! Both CIV vaccines do not 100% prevent your pet from becoming sick when exposed to the viruses, rather greatly reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the shedding interval i.e. vaccinated dogs that become infected have less illness and are not as contagious to other dogs.

  5. Current research has shown that following the protocols of properly vaccinating your pet as outlined above, will provide at least one year of protective antibody response against both H3N8 & H3N2 only! This does not mean the vaccine will protect your pet from newer strains of canine influenza that may emerge.
  6. The Fees for both sets of vaccines will be charged for and paid for at the first visit.

  7. To help pet owner’s ease of vaccinating their animals, they may schedule their appointments with a technician or a doctor. As long as your pet is not overdue for his/her annual exam, NO examination fee will be charged for the CIV vaccinations, unless there are other problems to be addressed by the doctor.

  8. If your pet is overdue for his or her annual exam, then an examination fee will apply in order to comply with the Illinois Board of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary-client-patient relationships statute. This statute dictates that any animal receiving a vaccination must have a current examination and deemed to be healthy in order to receive said vaccination.

  9. Any questions regarding our CIV vaccination recommendations or policies should be directed to one of our technicians or to one of the staff Veterinarians.