Medication Refill

Need to request a refill or prescription for Your pet’s medications?

  1. Call 815-941-9924, select option 2: Leave a detailed voicemail on our refill line allow up to 2 business days for completion.

  2. Submit the refill request through our PETDESK app: allow up to 2 business days​​​​​​​ for completion.

  3. Request a direct link be sent to your e-mail from our Trusted Online Store. Allow up to 2 business days for doctor’s approval. Shop online with our trusted retail store here:

  4. For medications filled at a box-store pharmacy (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.) the pharmacy can request the refill on your behalf by faxing us a request or use option 1 above. Allow up to 2 business days upon its arrival at our office for approval. We will notify you when the pharmacy confirms they received the prescription. Please call them prior to pick up to make sure they indeed have it filled and ready.

  5. For any online pet pharmacy (Petmeds, Chewy, Walmart online Pet Pharmacy, etc.) You must request your handwritten prescription from our office, allow up to 2 business days for us to process and get the approval. Upon approval, you must pick up the written script and submit it to the online pet pharmacy of your choice in whatever fashion they direct. WE DO NOT work for, nor directly communicate with, speak to, nor fax, or email with any online retailer other than our own trusted online store.