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"We love Dr. Blair and the staff at ACH Morris! Alyssa our vet tech was awesome with our dog and they are all so informative and provide great care."
Brigitte K. 6/22/2024

"Very professional and very caring"
John P. 6/21/2024

"Animal Care Hospital is by far the best place for veterinary care in our area. The staff are incredible with my small army of pups, and I have never had any issues getting their needs promptly cared for. Especially with our Lucie - Dr. Bauer & Julie Robinson have been amazing taking care of her chronic and serious medical issues. I would never go elsewhere - it is like having an extension of family at Animal Care Hospital - they genuinely care and take the time to know us and our dogs. Thank you Animal Care Hospital!
-Anna & Adam Stapleton & Family - Lucie, Piper, Chevy, & Frankie 6/18/2024

"The staff is very friendly and helpful. Vet visits are normally a stressful event for owners and pets alike. However, the staff, technicians and Doctors make the experience much more pleasant, positive and informative."
Emily S. 6/17/2024

"The doctors and staff are all so good with my skittish dog!"
Heather C. 6/15/2024

"The entire office Doctors (Vets), Techs, Desk Personnel and eveyone elsem are compassionate, caring for the animals and People that come to Animal Care Hospital. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome job."
Dorothy & Jim F. 6/14/2024

"The doctors and staff are all so good with my skittish dog!"
Heather C. 6/15/2024

"Thank you for friendly service and no surprises"
Giedre B. 6/14/2024

"Best care for our pet ever"
Tania S. 6/13/2024

"Amazingly enough, the staff does not find Beau to be an Orange Ogre. Good to know that he will be welcomed back at any time."
Susan P. 6/12/2024

"The staff babied my pet with a lot of belly rubs after his dental surgery. I appreciate that because I know he was in pain and probably a little anxious."
Cindy M. 6/7/2024

"Very friendly very clean"
Jack & Holly H 6/7/2024

"Dr Blair and Megan are excellent! I am very pleased with how they cared for my dog Poppy ."
​​​​​​​Darcie F. 6/5/2024

"You are so good with my dog who can really be a handful sometimes. Thank you."
Meghan R. 6/4/2024

"Staff is amazing. So nice to my girl and me :)"
Taylor M. 5/30/24

"Love it here. Oliver loves it here. He is not afraid at all and everyone is very helpufl and genuine."
Jeffrey L. 5/27/2024

"Everyone is so friendly and helpul and love the animals that they care for."
Judy M. 5/24/2024

"The staff was wonderful with my cat & their prices are extremely fair! You can tell they just enjoy their jobs & being with animals unlike other vet clinics who get burnt out & take it out on pets. We will be back!!"
Teresa T. 5/21/2024

"I adopted a cat from a friend in Morris, who is the magnet for al strays and ferals, and he knew I lost my furball, and offered to help me adopt him while using you, his "go to" vet. I am getting him tonite, and I am so grateful, for your care and attention, and professionalism! thank you for bringing me Sly!"
​​​​​​​Cindy C. 4/15/2024

"Caring staff and doctors,always ready to answer questions and very trustworthy."
Karen C. 4/13/2024

"The office got me in ASAP. I had left a message because it was after hours and they called me at 8:02 (they opened at 8) and got me in ASAP. The same with my follow up call. They answered all my questions."
Maria A. 5/13/2024

"I have taken my cats to other vet clinics in the past, but this is the first clinic that I have felt genuinely cares for my pets and thoroughly checked their health. I highly recommend this clinic."
Victoria T. 5/7/2024

"My wife has done business with Dr Nicki for years and we will continue to do so. You guys are great and Finley loves it there!"
Audrey & Peter R. 5/7/2024

"I feel very safe bringing my dog to Animal Care Clinic. The staff is always helpful and friendly."
Brenda J-R. 5/6/2024

"Very competent and caring veterinarians and staff members."
Greg B. 5/4/2024

"Olive loves everybody at ACH. 💖"
Kendra C. 5/04/2024

"Very caring staff!!"
Linda V. 5/4/2024

"The entire staff are the most friendly heartfelt kind people! From the front desk check in to Veterinary Nurse and the Veterinary Doctor all amazing staff. Thank you."
Nancy S. 5/1/2024

"I know my animals are getting the best care when I take them there. I started going there when I lived in Morris. I moved to Lockport and like Animal Care Hospital so much that I kept it as my vet instead of finding someone closer. I have full confidence in them providing the best care for animals."
Chandra H. 4/30/2024

"We absolutely love Dr. Bauer and her staff. Thank you!"
Sharon O. 4/30/2024

"Very informative, great doctors and associates kept well informed and thoroughly went through the procedure and after care."
Raynell McD 4/29/2024

"Somehow out cat Gracie lost her microchip. Since we have an automated feeder, she really needed it! We called and you got her in right away. Not only was it seamless to get the new chip, your contacted the company to make sure everything was the way it should be as far as registration of the new chip. Thank you!!!"
Lu C. 4/23/2024

"As a new patient being able to come in the same day to receive care was amazing. The communication during and since has been professional and courteous. I will be bringing all of my pets to see you!"
Serena Z. 4/22/2024

"Great place to have your dog boarded."
James & Angelle M. 4/20/2024

"One of a kind, from the doc to the techs and secretary. Incredible staff , same goal pet health . Every time I get leave I bring my pups to the Doc here . It is great piece of mind knowing we have Doc here in Illinois for the four pups. Verses trying to find one at every duty station ( that is for emergencies )."
​​​​​​​Loretta S. 4/16/2024

"As always when I bring my critters to ACH the professionalism is ever present, front, center and back room!"
Beth H. 4/15/2024

"Excellent as always!"
Sherri F. 5/11/2024

"I can not say enough good things about Dr. Blaire and all of the amazing staff. From day 1 they have all been extremely kind and professional with all of my fur babies. So glad we made the switch to Animal Care Hospital of Morris!"
Charity H. 4/5/2024

"Animal Care Hospital is the BEST! 🐾❤️"
Deb & Grant R. 4/5/2024

"Whenever I have an appointment set, I always hope that Danielle will be my vet tech. She is the nicest and really cares about the pets. She is the best !!! Dr. Bauer is the reason I keep coming back to this place."
Brenna & Craig C. 4/4/2024

"I appreciate that the staff wants to arm me with all the information possible so I can’t make the best decision for my pets."
Danielle & Edward R. 4/2/2024

"My experience was great from the moment I walked in the door, to the exam, the techs were awesome, the doctor is great, and the front desk staff was cheerful and courteous.
Marcy S 4/1/2024

"Always take time to answer all questions and listen to my concerns"
Jack & Holly H. 3/31/2024

"ACHM always takes such good care of our pets and they’re always there when we need them. Will always entrust our pets with them."
Rhonda O. 3/21/2024

"Care and service is second to none."
Ken S. 3/31/2024

"Great place and very trusted when I have an emergency with my dogs. They get me in quick and handle it very well and keep me informed of everything going on."
Brian S. 3/29/2024

"The personnel are very informative and friendly and the doctor was very thorough, I feel very confident taking Roxie to your establishment."
Janice S. 3/29/2024

"I’m very pleased with the care all of you show for Holly. My wife and I really appreciate it and the expertise you have shown us."
Jerry M. 3/28/2024

"Dr Bauer and tech were very friendly. Dr. Bauer was very informative and has taken many steps to help my fur baby be as healthy as possible even with a bad diagnosis. Thank you very much!"
Maria & Ninfa G. 3/23/2024

"Everyone was fantastic with our furbaby. We are SO happy that we went to Animal Care Hospital of Morris. The care was phenomenal and the prices were very reasonable. This is the only place we'll be taking our pups to from now on! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!"
​​​​​​​Peter W. 3/24/2024

"We've taken our pets here for many years. The compassion and professionalism is evident with each visit."
Diane Fl. 3/18/2024

"Very professional team. Prescribed what was needed and fast recovery."
Mary & Jim F. 3/19/2024

"They always take the best care of my little baby. He loves everyone there! I know he's safe and he's loved when he's with them. Thank you!"
Jeanette H. 3/18/2024

"Very attendant to the needs of our fury child."
Joy C. 3/18/2024

"Julie is terrific! She trimmed our dogs nails the way they shoulf be."
Marjorie & Dennis D. 3/15/2024

"Always nice and knowledgeable to both my pet and I really appreciate the care provided to Sugar!"
Valerie B. 3/12/2024

"Alyssa our vet tech was so sweet. She was so caring with our cat and played with her and took such gentle care of her."
Heaven S. 3/12/2024

"We couldn't be happier with Animal Care Hospital! The doctors are the best and all the staff ar so friendly."
Mary & Joe G. 3/9/2024

"I feel like Luna got creat care even though she was misbehaving a bit. I feel the care especially when I received a call today to check on her - awesome!"
Donna H. 3/8/2024

"Dr. Blair & Alyssa M were fantastic with Kinnick on his first visit to the vet!"
Lexi H. 3/8/2024

"Very thorough exam on my Senior dog . . . Wonderful tech care. . . Thank you for taking such good care of my treasured pet. . ."
​​​​​​​Carol H. 3/5/2024

"You all are so friendly and patient with much boy. You are All the Best!! Thank you!!
​​​​​​​Nancy F. 02/29/2024

"We love all the staff! They treat us and our fur babies with care and Love!! We would not go anywhere else."
JoEllyn J. 2/26/2024

"Alyssa is amazing, my dog Sadie loves her. Sadie despises having her nails done and it's quite a chore and we cannot get them all done in a visit, but Alyssa is very patient and calm and works very well with Sadie as her anxiety flares. My parents brought Sadie in once for a visit and they even told me how much Sadie likes Alyssa and how good she is with Sadie."
Robert D. 2/24/2024

"The best vets and staff there is!"
Heather & Tim T. 2/23/2024

"The whole staff, front to back is the best! Thank you!"
Henry & Leslie B. 2/18/2024

"We loved our tech Alyssa! So cheerful, knowledgeable, and understanding. Dr Bauer helped us to understand things that had not been explained to us as well as she did and helped us to understand the best course of action going forward. She is awesome and knows everything about everything! And is a wonderful communicator. Just what we truly needed at this time. Sincere thanks from our dog and his grateful family."
​​​​​​​Becky C. 2/11/2024

"Dr. Megan and Alyssa are terrific. They understood my reason for bringing in Kona and addressed it thoroughly!"
​​​​​​​Beth C. 2/5/2024

"Everyone is always very caring & gentle with Thor. You are all understanding & patient with me. All my questions get answered. We feel blessed to have you all."
Sheila C. 2/4/2024

"Place is so nice to come to, we love all the doctors and staff we are so comfortable there."
Liz R. 2/3/2024

"It was our first visit to ACH of Morris since moving to the area and I was very pleased with the facility. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. Dr. Blair and Cathy were so good with Maximus."
Colleen F. 2/2/2024

"Definitely recommend. They take such good care of our pups!"
Sandy D. 2/1/2024

"Dr. Blair, Megan, and all of the ladies here are the best. I was able to be with my pup girl practically the entire time for her small mass removal which was very important to me."
​​​​​​​Jeffrey B. 1/31/2024

"They take great care of our Gibson!"
Erik Q. 1/31/2024

"Dr. Bauer, Danielle and Stephanie as well as the front desk are all a pleasure to work with. They took such good care of my new fur baby Onyx. I will not hesitate to come back as the establishment is top notch!!"
Julie Mc G. 1/28/2024

"Meeko likes the folks that trim his nails and he enjoys barking at the other patients"
Nancy & Larry M. 1/28/2024

"Tangie loves the care she gets!"
Karen & Raymon F. 1/27/2024

"Everyone is so nice!"
Leah V. 1/27/2024

"Always there for Greta, thanks!"
Gail & Dan B. 1/27/2024

"I was able to get in same day for my injured dog. Everyone was so nice and care was great."
​​​​​​​Alexandra & Alejandro B. 1/25/2024

"The staff has welcomed us with open arms. They love on my boy so much and that warns my heart!"
Tammy M. 1/25/2024

"Dr. Blair is very thoughtful, and thorough. She helps us with compassion in the passing of our beloved cat Jordan. A mere two weeks later, we introduced our kitten. I plan on staying with Dr. Blair for all his health needs."
Barbara K. 1/22/2024

"Danielle and Dr. Blair were very attentive and supportive. They answered all questions and were wonderful with my older dog. I would highly recommend their services."
Michelle M. 1/22/2024

"Everyone is so sweet and informative!"
​​​​​​​Lynne R. 1/18/2024

"Great experience for our nervous little dog!"
Mehan R. 1/15/2024

"Bagel was in excellent hands, thank you for the frequent updates on his treatment."
Lisa D. 1/15/2024

"Very friendl staff, I always recommend your location to everyone I know. Great service. Thank You!
Burt & Lupe L. 1/14/2024

"Animal Care Hospital has always taken excellent care of all my fur babies."
Maria & Ninfa G. 11/14/2024

"We absolutely love Dr. Blair! The second you walk in all staff is kind and so helpful. Our dog absolutely loves going to the vet. Thank You for always providing the upmost care for our pet and answering all of our question."
Brian M. 1/13/2024

"Wonderful as always no complains"
Diane H. 1/13/2024

"You were all great and helpul."
Simon & Cristina A. 1/10/2024

"We love Dr. Bauer and all the staff at the hospital."
Christina & Weston P. 1/9/2024

"We are so thankful for the amazing care our dog Sadie received following a serious attack by another dog. The whole staff was so kind and cared for Sadie as if she was their own, and Julie went above and beyond what was necessary! We love Animal Care Hospital, and highly recommend them!"
​​​​​​​Mary & Joe G. 1/6/2024

"ACH has the most kind and compassionate staff of any very I've been to! Love them all!"
​​​​​​​Kylie O. 1/5/2024

"Very caring group of people. Really try their best!"
Karen & Don Riersen 1/3/2024

"Our visit went very smoothly. Alyssa wrote down all our concerns and was very friendly. Dr. Bauer was thorough addressed our concerns and was very pleasant. She even dealt with the scooting issue. They put us at ease which meant a lot to us. Thank You both!"
Nancy P. 12/30/2023

"Great staff and if you call you know they get you in as soon as possible wether it's an emergency or not."
​​​​​​​Brian S. 12/25/2023

"The staff is so friendly and truly love what they do! Makes taking Holly there easy."
Greg & Katie H. 12/22/2023

"Staff is wonderful!"
Susan N. 12/19/2023

"We can't say enough about the wonderful care Sadie got on Friday and again on Saturday, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
​​​​​​​Mary & Joe G. 12/18/2023

"My cat Fig is very disciminating, and he loves everyone at Animal Care Hospital "
Beth H.

"The team is extremely organized and professional. Dr. Bauer was amazing! Explained thoroughly my boys problem and options to think about."
Karla H. 12/17/2023
Everyone is so kind and caring. Even those not working with Charlie stopped by to see him. From the front desk to Dr. Blair everyone worked fortaking care of Charlie"
Linda Y. 12/15/2023

We love Dr. Blair and all of the Animal Care Hospital Staff. Thank You!
"Mee Mee always gets the bst care ever. The new shot she got for pain is exciting. I am hoping it works. everyone is so helpful!
Lynn S. 12/2/2023

"Great Animal Hospital. They genuinely care for you animal. They alwas get me in on the same day for emergencies. So happy to have found this place."
Jennifer Z. 12/2/2023

"I appreciate how caring everyone is and trust them to give my pet the best possible care."
Cynthia I. 12/1/2023

"I always feel comfortable leaving Rosie for boarding, becuse I know she will be well taken care of."
​​​​​​​Barbara R. 11/25/2023

"Thank you very much for taking great care of our dog!!"
John C. 11/24/2023

"I was visiting my dad and 250 miles away from Darby's vet. She was giving all the signs of pain and distrss and I needed a vet. A family member, Stephanie works at ACHM and speaks very highly of the care provdided there. I called at about 12:45 pm. The receptionist took all my info and said she'd call me back after talking to the Dr. to see if they could work us in. She called me back in 5 minutes and at 1:07 we were on our way to a 1:30 pm appt. The vet tech and the doctor were kind and thorough. Darby was successfully treated for what appears to be a painfull neck. Probably strain or sprain. I was and am so grateful and impressed with EVERYONE we encountered there."
Sherry S. 11/13/2023

"Dr. Bauer is always very thourough. We appreciate that. Gretta's health has been a handful for us and we are very confident with her care under all the Doctors at Animal Care Hosptal of Morris."
Gail & Dan B. 11/13/2023

"Everyone is so nice!"
Kathy B. 11/11/2023

"You guys are always so kind and sweet to our (now senior-aged) pup Marley. Every time we bring her in, your entire staff is wonderful. A notable experience from a couple years ago when she had to have some dental work done. The tech texted me a photo of Marley after she had woken up after surgery, which meant a lot and calmed my (irrational, i know) anxieties about her having to go under anesthesia. I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of Marley (and her sister Hailey)! Truly Thank you!
​​​​​​​Kevin L. 11/9/2023

"Very kind and receptive, the vet who helped us showed compassion and interest in our animal and talked us through steps to help the issue with our pet."
​​​​​​​Zach P. 11/7/2023

"I appreciate the kind & friendly staff Gigi was treated with compassion. Dr. Bauer recalls Gigi's issues in the past visits and checks Gigi the car over very thoroughly."
Michele & Jim C. 11/9/2023

"No matter how far I live, I have always brought all my pups to see Dr. Nicky and her team. The are all so amazing."
​​​​​​​Tracy M. 11/5/2023

"Excellent always friendly and knowledgeable and caring. Explained everything and made me comfortable. Took a lot of time with my dog and me."
​​​​​​​Christine & Patrick M. 11/2/2023

"Excellent staff and doctors, our animals have been patients there for a number of years and have been provided with their extremely good care."
​​​​​​​Nancy & Larry M. 10/30/2023

"I have recommended your clinic to my daughters, I hope they become new clients with you."
Shelia T. 10/30/2023

"The folks at Animal Care Hospital have always treated my cats as if they were their own beloved pets - even Bad Beau, the orange Ogre."
​​​​​​​Susan P. 10/28/2023

"Have all the confidence in the world in this staff especially Dr. Nicky and Julie. Alwyas feel our lab Holly is in good hands. Thanks!"
​​​​​​​Jerry M. 10/26/2023

"It was very informative with both the exam and lab results. The team was very accommodating, despite mising my appointment earlier in the morning, thank you again for rescheduling me."
Douglas A. 10/24/2023

"We love coming to Animal Care Hospital of Morris. The Dr’s and staff provide sincere, knowledgeable care and support. Our fur babies love it too!"
Stacie B. 10/21/2023

"Animal Care Hospital staff are simply amazing. They prioritize your pets in a way that feels like family. Dr Bauer is insanely thorough and it’s so comforting to have a vet who takes the time to talk about what is happening and answer questions without feeling rushed. The techs (especially our Julie!) are also amazing and wonderful with our pets and reception is also so kind and welcoming. I could not recommend Animal Care Hospital more and I will never take my pets anywhere else. So thankful for Animal Care Hospital!"
Anna & Adam S. 10/20/2023

"I was able to quickly get an appointment and I was provided with great service. I had a lot of questions and the Dr. patiently answered all of them."
​​​​​​​Bryan N. 10/19/2023

"The facility is clean. The space for Sweetie was very adequate. The staff interacting with sweetie is kind and caring. Their interactions with me is professional and warm."
​​​​​​​Diane C. 10/16/2023

"Dr. Blair and all the staff we encountered at our appointment were all very welcoming and helpful. We were a previous patient of Dr. Blair when she was in Peru and we're so glad to be back in her care again. Thanks for everything."
MaeLee T. 10/15/2023

"Everyone at the vet is super nice and they answered any questions I had for them, being a first time dog owner."
​​​​​​​Jason Matthew P. 10/10/2023

"We have been coming to Animal Care Hospital for many years. We have been made very comfortable and trust the medical recommendations that have been made and with good results. I might add. Thank You!"
Kathleen & Al R. 10/09/2023

"We have been bringing ourpets here since Dr. Nicky went out on her own! We love and trust all the people at Animal Care!!
Joellyn J. 10/09/2023

"I absolutely love this place. The entire staff is nice. The doctors truly care about your pet and I've had nothing but amazing experiences each and every time I bring my one of my animals."
Lauren B. 10/7/2023

"Love you guys, always so friendly and professional."
​​​​​​​Steven & Wendy D. 9/30/2023

"Thank you for your patience with my fur babies!"
Cathy B. 9/29/2023

"Everyone was very kind and helpful. Our vet tech Danielle and Dr. Blair were so loving and gentle with our kitties. Best vet team I've ever been to."
​​​​​​​Cynthia I. 9/27/2023

"I had my groomer not show up for a scheduled nail trim. I called animal care hoping to get Thor in. They had me scheduled within an hour of me calling. Thank you for caring for all of your furry patients. We all appreciate it & we appreciate all of you!"
Sheila C. ​​​​​​​ 9/26/2023

"Friendly, caring, professional, and attentive staff."

"Everyone is so caring and friendly! I trulylove this animal hospital! I have already recomended them to friends."
Nicole W. 9/25/2023

"Friendly staff!"
Margarita D. 9/24/2023

"Very caring staff and well cared for animals."
Baltazar & Lucinda D. 9/24/2023

"The care Dixie had helped me feel at ease with her surgery. I was a nervous wreck, but felt a lot more comfortable knowing she ws getting great care. Couldn't of asked for better care."
Brittany C. 9/23/2023

"The entire staff is so wonderful and sweet. Very informative with helpful suggestions for my puppy."
Danielle & Edward Rasmussen

"Everyone is very professional and great with Louie. Makes the vet experience very pleasant."

"Your whole team, from Dr. B. to my vet tech Alyssa to the front desk staff were all wonderful. They were very knowledgeable, and courteous. I was very grateful for the time Dr. spent talking to me about my dogs IBD and possible paths we might take now and in the future. I ws so impressed with the care and time they gave Remus to make sure he was comfortable and calm during his appointment. This was a great visit!"
​​​​​​​Bailey P. 9/15/2023

"Two of Our Large Dogs got into a fight and the Care and Kindness received by Everyone from the Moment we walked in the door will never be forgotten. Thank You Dr Blair and Staff for Love and Tenderness You not only gave to Chesney but to Our Family as well. It was a traumatic day.
​​​​​​​Mary W. 9/8/2023

"Cathy and Dr. Balir are very knowledgeable and so nice."
Kathy B. 9/5/2023
"Everyone there was so kind and helpful. Went beyond the expected."
Claudine R. 9/3/2023

"Everyone handled patch so well being carful of our old girl"
Claudette & Bob M. 9/3/2023

"Some of the most professional people I have ever met who work at a veterinary hospital. They are very informative!"
Calvin P. 9/2/2023

"I know that Animal Care Staff always have my dogs best interest in mind. They always keep me aware of any procedures they think are necessary."
​​​​​​​Jorjan & Dan H. 8/29/2023

"Mittens had a terrible accident & we rushed him to Animal Care Hospital. They fixed him up, broken pelvis, he is healing slowly. Thank You so Much!"
​​​​​​​Tara B. 8/27/2023

"Wonderful staff!! From the fron desk ladies to the tehcs. Everyone is warm and welcoming. I know my guy gets the best of the best with this great care."
Ashley M. 8/25/2023

"So far only 1 visit, but very happy!"
​​​​​​​John S. 8/21/2023

"Best vets and staff there is!!"
Heather & Tim T. 8/21/2023

"Everyone treats Oive like the pretty princess she is."
Kendra C. 8/16/2023

"Everyone at your office was so friendly and caring towards Max and myself. Everything that ws going to be done was explaine and I really appreciate how I was told what the expense would be for the bloodwork and labs beforehand so I could decide if I could afford to have it done that day."
​​​​​​​Theresa C. 8/14/2023

"JR and I enjoy our visits because of the friendly atmosphere, everyone makes us feel welcome. Their professionalism is very much appreciated!"
Nancy & Larry M. 8/14/2023

"ACH is always friendly and accomodating, I really appreciate it."
Ed T. 8/10/2023

"Everyone there is always so kind and helpful. You all treat my pet as your own. I appreciate your kindness and patience with me and my pet."
Ginetta P. 8/10/2023

"The staff, as always, was amazing and very kind to my Lex who was squeezed in last minute for a procedure. The staff always goes above and beyond to take care of my fur babies."
​​​​​​​Ashley M. 8/3/2023

"I have been to several veterinarians/clinics over the years. I was so impressed with everyone here. Danielle and Dr. Blair went above and beyond, they were so patient withour Boom."
​​​​​​​Karla H. 8/3/2023

"Lovely as always."
Erica C. ​​​​​​​8/1/2023

"Very friendly staff!!"
Lynne R. 8/1/2023

"Our family loves Animal Care Hospital of Morris. Everyone treats our pets like their own and they always call to check on them to make sure their recommendations are working. The staff is kind and caring and we love it there."
Sarah M. 7/31/2023

"Were very professional thoroughly checked out my dog."
Lisa & Jeff R. 7/31/2023

"Love that when I call with a bi concern. The vets and the scheduling team make sure I get seen that day or the next. Makes us feel like we can rely on them all the time to take care of our cats."

"Everyone from the front deskpersonnel to the clinician to the doctor were so very caring and helpufl. I will definately be bringing Bandit back and will be happy to recommned others bring their pets to you."
​​​​​​​Sandy M. 7/24/2023

"As always the entire staff was exceptional! A special thank you to Dr. Blair, Julie, and Cathy who got a great workout in while trimming Coopers nails! You ladies are the best!"
Sue H. 7/13/2023

"I trust Dr. Bauer to care for all our dogs."
Steve & Patty D. 7/10/2023

"Assistants at front desk were very helpful in getting Louid in right away. The Techs were very kind and gentle and encouraging and went out of their way to help. Dr. Bauer was absolutely excellent. Everything was explained completely and throughly along with a discussion of possible ways to fix the problem and we were extremely happy with her. She's a very caring and kind healthcare provider and makes an excellent vet for all of her puppies and other animals, Thanks to her especially."
​​​​​​​John P. 7/1/2023

"Staff is always kind and so helpful."
Jennifer H. 6/30/2023

"We bring Leo to Animal Care Hospital of Morris for all of his healthcare needs. Our latest trip was for a nail trim. The staff always takes great care of LEO The Cat. They are very careful to keep Leo calm. Especially whe it comes to this sometimes difficult task. We are very appreciative of everyone who cares for LEO."
​​​​​​​Robert & Valerie C. 6/29/2023

"They care so well for our 16 yar old kitty. I appreciate every single worker."
​​​​​​​Amy R. 6/26/2023

"The staff is friendly and the facility is always very clean. They always takegreat care of the pet."
​​​​​​​Babara A. 6/24/2023

"As always, my latest visit to ACH with my cat Fig was an excellent experience. Since Fig requires care on a regular basis we are there quite often, and Fig has gotten to know Dr. Bauer and the staff well. . . . and he loves them all!"
Beth H. 6/23/2023

"All the Dr.s and Staff at the facility are excellent. Very professional, courteous, attentive to the animals and humans. Also get you in for appointment when care is needed.!! Thank You all!
​​​​​​​Heather & Tim T. 6/19/2023

"They are all amazing. they were super nice to me and my animal."
Kristina W. 6/17/2023

"Thanks for taking such good care of Bad Beau. And for gettin ghim out of his shy shell. He played with my friend and even let her pet his bell! Get ready, He will be staying with you again in October. Thanks again!"
Susan P. 6/15/2023

"Animal Care Hospital of Morris has always been personable. My two dogs are always happy to go see the employees there. They are very helpful when answering my questions in person or over the phone."
​​​​​​​Erin B. 6/12/2023

"Everyone is very kind, caring and knowledgeable. I feel that they all truly care for all their patients."
NIcole W. 6/12/2023

"Wonderful clinic. Dr. Blair is thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable. Danielle our tech made sure our cat was as relaxed and well cared for. The clinic is very clean and the front desk staff are friendly. Wonderful experience and highly recommended."
​​​​​​​Melissa M. 6/3/2023

"As always they were great! I made an appointment for one dog and came on with two. They were accommodating. I really appreciate it as they were busy."
Ed T. 6/2/2023

"You were amazing with our old man dog and now with our puppy."
Brenda R. 5/29/2023

"Dr. Nicky and Danielle were wonderful! Animal Care Hospital was recommended to me by several people and I now know why."
Shelly K. 5/27/2023

"You have always been there for all our pets! Thank You for all that you do!
​​​​​​​Michele & Jim F. 5/22/2023

"We love Dr. Bauer and her staff!!"
​​​​​​​Sharon O. 5/14/2023

"The staff was very friendly and accommodating due to a family emergency out of state. Thanks for taking car of our fur babies."
Stephanie B. 5/13/2023

"Excellent service, love the vet and techs, Always able to get pet in when needed on short notice. They take great care and concern."
Ryanell McD. 5/11/2023

"Really love the advice and people at animal care. Everybody is caring and friendly."
Ashley F. 5/8/2023

"They are great and caring. I would trust them with my pets."
Marissa W. 5/7/2023

"The staff was thorough about the procedure and very caring throughout."
Amy B. 5/5/2023

"Thank you for taking care of Foxy. We know she is in excellent care with all the staff."
Karla B. 5/4/2023

"The staff ws very friendly and patient with my dog who is typically fearful when at the vet. They took great care of him and made sure he was as comfortable as possible. They spent time to just let him acclimate to them and have a pleasant visit. The staff was very informative and answered all my questions. They also provided great care that is helping my dog get back to normal."
Lauren R. 5/1/2023

"The staff at ACH have been nothing but kind when it comes to my three animals. We just love everyone there!"
Abbie & Robert S. 5/1/2023

"Very caring people."
Joanne B. 5/1/2023

"Great customer service and caring staff."
Sue N. 4/30/2023

"It is always very helpful and informative."
Douglas A. 4/30/2023

"The staff is always friendly and very caring when I bring my pets in."
Jenn S. 4/30/2023

"Dr. Blair and all the staff are wonderful!"
Pam & Shawn H. 4/28/2023

"Understanding, kind, and patient with both me and my cat! Thank you very much!"
​​​​​​​Hailey S. 4/26/2023

"Deweys first visit went great! Everyone was so nice and the tech and vet made sure he felt comfortable during the visit and were not quick to judge him due to his breed."
​​​​​​​Kaylin H. 4/23/2023

"Was a very good visit. Jack felt comfortable with all of you. He is timid and unsure but you gave him the right amount of time. Thank you All for your loving care and helping me out to the car! Thank You!!"
Nancy F. 4/22/20233

"Loved the care and communication!"
Hilary & Jesse B. 4/21/2023

"The staff is fabulous!!!!!"
Sue H. 4/14/2023

"We enjoyed our visit very much. Dr. Blair and the technician assigned to us were great! See you all for Holly's checkup. Thanks again!"
Jerry and Kim M. 4/14/2023

"A better animal hospital does not exist!"
Beth H. 4/13/2023

"Everyone is very friendly and caring. They always take the best care of Thor from the minute I walk in! Everyone is very patient & always answer my questions and concerns."
Sheila C. 4/13/2023

"Dr. Nicy was very kind to me and my pet. Thank You!"
Sara W. 4/11/2023

"Everyone was really kind and helpful."
Brenna C. 4/11/2023

"Liked Dr. Blair very much, tech and entire staff are terrific!!!!!"
Karen C 4/10/2023

"The girls in the hospital are all so caring. They take very good care of both our dogs."
Pam P. 4/8/2023

"Always very kind and informative when we bring our pets in. They also make sure to answer all of our questions."
Danielle & Edward R. 4/8/2023

"Great service!"
​​​​​​​Bryan N. 4/6/2023

"Always compassionate and caring, Whole staff is professional!"
Jack & Holly H. 4/6/2023

"Great as ALWAYS!"
Andrea B. 4/6/2023

"Everyone Friendly!"
​​​​​​​Kathy B. 4/4/2023

"Friendly staff, very good service"
​​​​​​​Margarita D. 4/3/2023

"Wonderful staff and Doctor"
Mike H. 4/3/2023

"Everone was awsome."
​​​​​​​Connie K. 4/2/2023

"Dr. Blair and the vet tech were so good with our dog. THey were so kind to us in a very nervous situation. Also, Dr. Blair took the time to explain the X-rays and the condition Olivia might have had. Thank you all so much!!!"
Mandie H. 4/1/2023

"They take care of your animals, and pets, and do a good job. I'll be bringing peanut there all the time. I love you guys!"
Jessi G. 3/31/2023

"Everyone is so kind to both me and Stella. Answered all our questions. Liked the follow up."
​​​​​​​Karen & Don R. 3/30/2023

"The staff at ACH of Morris always treats Leo the Cat with the greatest care."
Robert & Valerie C. 3/29/2023

"Excellent staff, excellent care and it's evident how important animals and their people are to everyone at the clinic."
​​​​​​​Sheila T. 8/28/2023

"The staff is always very friendly and helpful, and the vets are caring and knwoledgeable."
Bradley & Cody B. 3/21/2023

"It.s always a perfect experience. I trust them completely with my precious furry baby. Thank you so much!"
Jeanette H. 3/20/2023

"Dr. Nicole and Danielle are excellent."
Rich M. 3/19/2023

"I always know that Rosie will be taken care of while we are away. The staff is great!"
Barbara R. 3/15/2023

Gil B. 3/14/2023

"Alyssa was soo nice and sweet to us! Please thank her and give her a high five or atta boy for her great service. Dr. Blair is super sweet also!"
​​​​​​​Kris & Rebecca A. 3/13/2023

"Compared to the vet we used to go to ACH-Morris has blown us out of the water. They showed patience, kindness, and love to our pets that we havn't seen from a vet before. We wish we would have started here with our pets sooner."
Katie N. 3/6/2023

"We have brought our animals there for 30 years and always have great experiences. The staff are friendly and great with our 4 legged family members."
Megan D. 3/6/2023

"Good service. Thoroughly answered all my questions. Very gentle and caring with our senior dog."
Catherine T. 3/4/2023

"Very kind and understanding staff."
Ashley F. 3/3/2023

"Always top notch care! Love you guys!"
Dana Z. 3/3/2023

"Love how caring everyone is. From the front desk ladies to the techs and Dr.'s. They give detailed explanatioins and make sure we understand everything being done. This is one of the cleanest and sanitary places you will find."
​​​​​​​Kathy I. 2/28/2023

"Thank you to Dr. Nicky and team for taking great care of our girl!"
Christina & Weston P. 2/26/2023

"I was very impressed."
Jayme & Benjamin B. 2/25/2023

"Wonderful experience from check in to discharge."
Mary F. 2/24/2023

"Doctors, staff and care are genuinely the best."
Duke S. ​​​​​​​2/24/2023

"Clean, friendly staff, quick, on-time, getting a appointment was easy and convenient."
Judy M. 2/23/2023

"Your hospital was wonderful! Thank you so much for taking such great care of our little brat! We love him so much and the residents and staff of park Pointe Healthcare loved all day on him! He is my fur baby but has so much love to share! We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
Virginia & Mike P. 2/21/2023

"The staff is always so patient with her."
​​​​​​​Lisa & Jeff R. 2/18/2023

"He is called by name everytime he walks in. I've been accommodated with every health issue he has, and you feel their love for animals. Every staff member there is wonderful!!"
Theresa C. 2/15/2023

"The staff and Dr. Bauer are excellent!"
Sharon O. 2/13/2023

"The staff is very friendly and knowledeable. The clinic is very clean and organized. Dr. Blair explained everything she was doing as she examined Daisy, and answered all my questions."
​​​​​​​Anna P. 2/9/2023

"As a first visit, i was unsure how things would go considering my pups anxiety in settings like this. However, everything went wonderfully from the welcome to the intital review, to the visit with the vet, to the payment. I was very happy with their quick response to my requests for an appointment, and I look forward to visiting again."
Jim D. 2/6/2023

"We love Animal Care Hospital and all the staff. Dr. Bauer is always so thorough and takes her time to explain the details of the exam. Also love all the techs, desk staff and Matt the office manager. Very clean facility and when we walk in with our dog they all know him by name now. :) He is a senior dog and we have been coming here since before he was born with our other dog. Probably since the mid 1990's. Also, our cat. I would highly recommend this Animal Hospital!"
Tracy B. 2/6/2023

"The best service and amazing staff!"
Dawn I. 2/5/2023

"You all have been great. Larry and Midge give you a "10" as well!"
​​​​​​​Henry & Leslie B. 2/2/2023

"Great service and they were able to get us in on short notice."
Bryan N. 2/1/2023

"Everyone is so freindly and welcoming. Treatments & medications were thoroughly explained. They treated her like she was their own and eased a worried owner's mind."
​​​​​​​Valerie T. 1/30/2023

"Everybody is so nice and treats Wrigley like their own."
Debra K. 1/30/2023

"We will always use Animal Care Hospital of Morris for our pets!"
Flo & John H. 1/29/2023

"Always a pleasure!"
Deb B. 1/26/2023

"Animal Care Hospital of Morris is the only practice I trust to take care of our dogs. We've only every had positive experiences here and we will continue to bring our dogs here for as long as we have dogs!"
​​​​​​​Ashley G. 1/26/2023

"The staff was great, very warm and welcoming. THe vet took the time to understand what was going on with my dog. It was nice to not feel rushed like just another number. i received follow up calls checking up on my dog, and the facility was spotless. I am very thankful I chose to take my dog here."
Barbara A. 1/24/2023

"Very professional and caring. It was a great experience for Louie and me. All the staff was kind and knowledgeable. The exam and bloodwork was well performed and provided great comfort and care for Louie and myself. Louis ws glad to go home!!"
John P. 1/23/2023

"They are more than willing to help you take out pet to car and talk about other animals you have."
​​​​​​​Jennifer R. 1/22/2023

"Everyone is friendly and professional. I completely trust their experience and their shared concern about what is reasonable and what is needed. Outstanding."
Dan V. 1/21/2023

"Everyone is always super nice and make you and your pet very comfortable! I love Kendra! And all the girls, Dr. Bauer is amazing <3!"
Christine & Patrick McC. 1/20/2023

"Everyone is always so friendly and we love all the Dr.'s who have ever served our pets. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Karla Y. 1/12/2023

"Amazing Staff!"
Tiffani P. 1/12/2023

"After years of dealing with bad dog breath - I was told why and apparently previous vets never looked at my dogs teeth."
Ashley N. 1/9/2023

"I really appreciate the care that Sadey receives at Animal Care Hospital of Morris."
Shelby & Brad S. 1/6/2023

"Fig got to see the new vet and told me after his visit that she is the berries! As always, the tech and front office staff members are fabulous!"
Beth H. 12/31/2022

"I highly recommend Animal Care Hospital of Morris. My dog has had several rare conditions that they have managed with ease. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff!"
Rachael & Jason T. 12/24/2022

"Everyone seems very caring. Glad we found you last year. We called last year for a problem and you were totally booked for the day, So I got back on phone to call other clinics, however about an hour later your receptionist called me back stating she kept my cellphone number and that you had a cancellation. She got us in right away. Could hear the caring in her voice over the phone. Another Thanks!"
Richard & June W. 12/23/2022

"We absolutely love the care we receive for our cats at Animal Care Hospital. Everyone is so helpful and makes the experience very friendly, smooth, and organized. Everyone is passionat to our babies from the front desk, techs, and Dr.s. Everyone is EXCELLENT!!!"
Heather & Tim T. 12/22/2022

"Thank you doctor Megan Bauer for everything and being so easy to speak with and for letting me understand everything that is going on with my dog."
​​​​​​​Connie K. 12/17/2022

"Speed of scheduling and appointment and friendliness were great! Respect from the doctor and staff! Very important to me not to be looked down upon like other vets in the area."
Pat W. 12/16/2022

"I was so scared going into our first appointment, but they made me and Walter so comfortable. He's back to his usual self and I couldn't be happier."
Dani W. 12/16/2022

"Always very professional and polite! My pup loves everyone there and they take very good care of him!"
​​​​​​​Everett M. 12/15/2022

"Dr. Nicky and team provide excellent care, They are patient and thorough with the information they provide."
Christina & Weston P. 12/12/2022

"Very nice & informative."
​​​​​​​Erik Q. 12/5/2022

"Excellent quick service! Love the techs and vet!"
​​​​​​​Sherry & Ron S. 11/17/2022

"As always professional and courteous!"
Nacny & Larry M. 11/17/2022

"Excellent quick service! Love the techs and vete."
Sherry & Ron S. 11/17/2022

"As always professional and courteous!"
Nancy & Larry M. 11/17/2022

"We love Animal Care Hospital! Everyone is always so kind and helpful to us and our pets!"
Angela T. 11/16/2022

"The staff and doctors are unfailingly polite, dedicated and competent! I wish more people , doctors and hospitals were half as skilled and caring as these hard working professionals!"
Diana & James R. 11/15/2022

"My Boh loves Dr. Bauer!"
Joan K. 11/14/2022

"ACH has the best doctors and staff that provides the greatest care imaginable. Its a great piece of mind to know how well our 4 legged family member is cared for."
Ken S. 11/11/2022

"The staff is friendly, the facility very clean. All my questions are answered. My pets are treated well and get plenty of comforting. Dr. Bauer remembers my pets issues."
Sue Lynn M. 11/8/2022

"Always very pleasant and kind to Chloe. I never have to wait at appointment."
Patricia A. 11/7/2022

"Dr. Nikki was amazing her explanations very personable! Danielle and the other young lady where great as well, along with front desk staff!!!"
Rich M. 11/4/2022

"Wonderful staff!"
Susan N. 11/4/2022

"I absolutely love Dr. Nicky!!! (and Dr. Bauer is wonderful too.) After I moved 30 minutes away . . . I still chose to bring my 3 cats here. <3"
​​​​​​​Shannon & Brian M. 11/3/2022

"Dr. Nicky is genuinely compassionate towards her patients and their human parents. Her expertise, recommendations, and practice, is truly respected. All staff I’ve encountered, have been attentive, helpful, caring, and knowledgeable as well. I trust this team, particularly Dr. Nicky, of professionals, to care for my dog and to provide me with the best referrals when services elsewhere are needed. Due to some conditions my pet has experienced, we’ve spent a lot of time at ACH in the past year. Even when I’ve been an irrationally worried pet parent, I am treated with respect and empathy."
​​​​​​​Lisa S. 10/30/2022

"Dr. was wonderful detail assessment of each pup. Gave the four big pups fresh cold water and put up a doggy gate in the doorway to provide air flow. Everyone was top notch! Looking forward to next vet visit."
Loretta S. 10/31/2022

"Dr. Nicky is genuinely compassionate towards her patients and their human parents. Her expertise, recommendations, and practice is truly respected. All staff I've encountered, have been attentive, helpful, caring, and knowledgeable as well. I trust this team particularly Dr. Nicky, of professionals to care for my dog and to provide me with the best referrals when services elsewhere are needed."
Lisa & Kyle S. 10/30/2022

"Everyone is all so friendly and caring! I look forward to visits."
Sheila C. 10/30/2022

"The staff were great with Charlie. Dr. Sarah is so knowledgeable and Julie is the best."
Linda Y. 10/29/2022

"Everyone was helpful and nice. My fur babies are so soft after their baths."
Kathy B. 10/27/2022

"Excellent staff and Dr. that takes time with you and your pet. Their pet care is wonderful."
Raynell McD. 10/24/2022

"You ladies were VERY helpful with my first visit with Walter. I'm a new pet owner and so relieved to know you all are so CARING!!!! Thank you!! AND Walter thanks you too!!!"
Stephanie d. 10/24/2022

"Every staff member there is awesome! I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
​​​​​​​Sue H. 10/23/2022

"Animal Care Hospital of Morris is the BEST!! The staff is absolutely wonderful and always gives our dog the best care ever."
Deb & Grant R. 10/22/2022

"Took Angel back to room for me. They handled her very well."
Jennifer R. 10/21/2022

"As always, friendly and kind staff and everyone does a fantastic job with the pets and pet parents."
Jennifer H. 10/21/2022

"Dr. Bauer and the entire staff are all incredibly warm, friendly and professional. My cat Fig loves them all!! (Me Too)!"
Beth H. 10/18/2022

"I always know that Rosie will be well cared for when we board her with you! I never worry for a minute when we are out of town! Thank You!"
Barbara R. 10/11/2022

"Everyone was nice and helpful!"
Tara B. 10/11/2022

"Very nice and clean facility. I am from out of state so getting my dog in same day was wonderful!"
Beth N. 10/7/2022

"Thanks for taking such great care of my pups! Everyone is very professional. I think Dr. Bauer is wonderful and caring. See you in a month."
​​​​​​​Wanda S. 10/6/2022

"They are very nice and respectful people. They all are great, is a very clean place and they treat your pet with great care."
​​​​​​​Bryan H. 10/4/2022

"Great care for my dog. Honest appraisal of her health, and surgery risks."
Bryan N. 10/4/2022

"The best vet I've been to. Very helpful and freindly."
​​​​​​​Mitchell D. 10/4/2022

"We appreciate the thorough and professional care Buddy received. Thaks to you, Buddy responded quickly to medications and diet and is recovering great!! Thank You!"
Deborah B. 10/2/2022

"We have been going there for years. They are amazing!"
Marissa W. 10/2/2022

"They were great at keeping informed about my pet during his stay there and they made me feel comfortable and him comfortable."
​​​​​​​Jennifer L. 10/1/2022

"Everyone was great!"
​​​​​​​Jeff & Connie L. 9/26/2022

"We love all the staff at Animal Care Hospital of Morris!! Love how well you care for Kitty!"
Amy R. 9/23/2022

"Many thanks to the entire staff at ACH of Morris for your continued and amazing care & kindness with our 2 dogs!"
Carol & Lynn T. 9/23/2022

"We appreciate the attentiveness from everyone who saw our dog. The Dr. was right about what was going on with Rylee & the medications she gave her fixed the problem. We're very happy with the care Rylee received at her first visit."
Jennifer McC. 9/21/2022

"Everyone is very friendly and loves our furbabies!"
Lynette & William P. 9/19/2022

"The vets and technicians here are truly amazing and you can tell they really care about your pets and animals in general. This makes it a lot easier to trust them with my cat, who is my baby! I will never go anywhere else!"
Chelsea S. 09/17/2022

"Everyone is absolutely fantastic!"
​​​​​​​Cindy & Dave S. 9/14/2022

"Fantastic care, compassionate staff, knowledgeable and skilled physicians and tech staff.
​​​​​​​Carol W. 9/5/2022

"Friendly service and Zeek loves to visit."
Karen C. 9/4/2022

"The staff at Animal Care Hospital of Morris are very kind and caring people. They take care of Leo the cat with plenty of TLC."
Robert & Valerie C. 9/2/2022

"We love ACHM! Everyone is so nice, efficient, caring, and knowledgeable. Have been taking our fur babies there for over 20 years and can't imagine going anywhere else."
Rhonda O. 9/1/2022

"Their communication is amazing. If I have questions, they are thoughtfully answered in a timely manner. I'm truly grateful fo Animal Care Hospital of Morris."
Jade R. 8/29/2022

"My husband really liked the staff and vet and said it was very clean. They made him feel very welcomed, they called to make sure that the medicine was helping and that we were doing well with her and she was ok."
Bryan & Judy M. 8/29/2022

"Staff is always great!"
​​​​​​​Tom T. 8/22/2022

"They take care of Sparkles. We go nowhere else. We love them cause they love our Sparkles! We trust them in every way. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Linda & Jeffrey K. 8/21/2022

"Dr. Bauer was very informative and patient with us and making decisions about our sweet dogs condition. I really appreciate all the options and suggestions she gave us."
Danielle & Edward R. 8/19/2022

"The communication and phone calls throughout the day from staff was awesome. We were called after his bath, immunicazations given status, for an ear condition and instructions on his medications, all before he was ready to be picked up. Second to none for sure!"
Ken S. 8/19/2022

"JR was extremely happy with her haircut that she forgot she even had shots too!"
Nancy & Larry M. 8/14/2022

"I arrived a few minutes early (because Penny had been fasting and would not stop meowing. )Despite that, I was greeted by a very friendly front desk staff and given a room, so I could let Penny out of her carrier. the doctor was prompt, clearly explained what she was doing and why, and followed up the next day as promised. I appreciate having her emails to refer to. the vet tech was friendly towards me, but more importantly, toward my Penny. The clinic was clean, bright, and weclomng. Overall the visit was exemplary (as awlays). Thank You!"
Delores R. 8/14/2022

"Execllent peronnel and care!"
Sherry & Ron S. 8/13/2022

"Both the doctor and technician took a lot of time with us and answered all of our questions. We were well taken care of."
Pam S. 8/11/2022

"Dr. Bauer is very thorough and explains what is going on in a way that we can understand it all. She takes her time with the animals and doesn't make them nervous or scared. The support staff is very kind as well."
​​​​​​​Theresa Cl. 8/8/2022

Great service and care!!"
Wes S. 8/8/2022

"You always get him in quickly when he is sick. our accommodating with myt difficult work schedule. I love that he is recognized when he comes in, all the docs have always taken plenty of time with us and never make us feel they are rushed, and he isn't terrified to go there, as he has been in the past with previous vets! I also love that everything is done in the room with me there, instead of him being taken away to a spot where I am not able to be with him."
​​​​​​​Theresa Co. 8/7/2022

"Always professional and kind."
Nicole F. 8/5/2022

"I appreciate everyone jumping into action when I brought Rosie in after being struck by a truck. She is sore, moving slowly, but doing good all things considered. Thanks Again!"
Kaylee S. 8/5/2022

"The staff and doctors are very passionate and caring with the pets. very thourough in explaining and providing information and details."
Raynell McD. 8/5/2022

"Dr. Nicky was AMAZING!! She definitely knows what she's doing. She was patient and kind and I would certainly recommend her to everyone that requires only top quality care for their furry family members."
Stephanie S. 8/3/2022

"Everyone at ACH Morris is fantastic with my skittish dog. He doesn't even mind coming to visit! Thank you to the entire staff!"
Heather C. 8/1/2022

"Great staff, the only place I want to take my pets for checkups."
Eroca C. 7/28/2022

"The doctorsand staff are fabulous!"
Sue H. 7/28/2022

"The staff is friendly, knowlgeable, and extremely helpul."
​​​​​​​Sharon O. 7/25/2022

"I love taking my dogs to them for care!"
Marissa W. 7/23/2022

"The veterinarians and staff always take the time to answer questions and explain procedures. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and cares for you pet!"
Sarah P. 7/23/2022

"All the staff and workers there were very nice and professional. They took great care of my doggy, explained everything to me thouroughly and answered any quetions I had."
Kira K. 7/22/2022

"Everyone is so friendly and knowledeable."
Mary G. 7/22/2022

"Your team is the best!!"
Linda B. 7/18/2022

"Animal Care Hospital of Morris is the best of the best!!"
Beth H. 7/18/2022

"Always a good experience"
​​​​​​​Ruth & Steve S. 7/17/2022

"Every time I go in the Animal Care Hospital in Morris, the staff treat's me with respect, plus very courteous and thorough in their service to my little Shih Tzu, Ditz. I've only been there twice, both Ditz and I like it a lot and will return when needed. I would give them a 5 STAR rating for their services. Thank you Dr. Nicky and staff for your service."
Richard G. 7/16/2022

"Always thorough and attentive! For a nervous dog, everyone always makes Callie comfortable!!"
Katharine K. 7/15/2022

"Titan seemed very happy staying at ACH. Thank you for taking good care of him. The bather did a fantastic job as well."
​​​​​​​Robin C. 7/14/2022

"All issues were explained in detail."
​​​​​​​Kathy I. 7/12/2022

"Amazing staff, reasonable rates. Great Facility."
​​​​​​​Heaven A. 7/10/2022

"The staff was kind and courteous and knowledgeable. The hospital was very clean."
Paula L. 7/9/2022

"The team was amazing. Helped my oversized scarey cat relas and showed me some good things I can do at home to save money."
Amanda & Steven H. 7/8/2022

"Thank you so much Dr. Bauer and tech Danielle. You both were amazing with Cooper who is extremely difficult at the vet, as he is very aggressive and fearful. I truly appreciate your patience with him and consistency so you get an exam done. You ladies are a godsend!"
Jessica S. 7/6/2022

"I wasn't there but my husband was and had a very good feeback, except they did say my dog was fat (overweight)."
Lisa & Jeff R. 7/2/2022

"Woderful friendly staff. Clean facility. All my questions were answered about the care of our new puppy."
LIndsay B. 7/2/2022

"Staff all seem to care. The doctor explains the problem and any treatment plan not rushed if I asked any questions."
Richard & June W. 7/1/2022

"We had to put down our beautiful cat Esperanza. Even thought it was extremely sad, Dr. Nikki and staff handled the whole thing with compassion and professionalism. Thank you so much for taking care of Espie these past years and on her final journey over the Rainbow Bridge."
​​​​​​​Lu & Jim C. 6/30/2022

"The help we've gotten so far has been excellent. We appreciate so much getting Kendall in without an appointment or even being a new customer. We've learned more about her condition with your help than we had with our previous veterinarian. Thank You So Much!"
​​​​​​​Scott D. 6/26/2022

"Very professional and compassionate with Louie. Answered all my questions to my satisfaction."
John P. 6/25/2022

"You sved my dog's life when four vets turned us away and you were true compassionate professionals!! I feel I got excellent care for my dog at a reasonable price! Thank you so much!"
Diana & James R. 6/24/2022

"The staff takes such great care of our dogs every time."
​​​​​​​Ashley M. 6/23/2022
"The level of care I receive from Animal Care far exceeds any other vet I have been to. Dr. Bauer and Dr. Nicky helped Mee Mee with her eye and ongoing care. Dr.s and staff care about the animals. Mee Mee saunters back with no problem. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Lynn S. 6/13/2022

"Always enjoy the visit to the animal vets with 2 cats and 1 dog. These are truly professional folks and all of us enjoy our visit!"
Nancy & Larry M. 6/11/2022

"Excellent care and friendly staff!"
Corey T. 6/11/2022

"Everyone was very friendly and you could tell they truly love the animals.!"
Chelsea S. 6/11/2022

"I was very happy with the treatment for Scout!"
Holly W. 6/10/2022

"Valerie and I are thrilled with the care that Leo gets whever we bring him in for whatever the reason. THis time, for a nail trim. Thank you for always giving Leo such wonderful care."
Robert & Valerie C. 6/9/2022

"Clean, professional, friendly! Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Lauris K. 5/28/2022

"Maci likes all the people. She feels comfortable and loved!"
​​​​​​​Joanne B. 5/23/2022

"Dr. Nicky answered everyone of my questions, was extremely patient with my overyl anxious senior cat, and gave me alot of helpful advice and tools to use to help Monte get better. The price was outstanding for everything that was done and the care was even better. I am a helicopter pet mom and I over think and question everything. But at the end of the appointment I was completely comfortable and reassured about the situation. I will be switching all of my animals over to Animal Care Hospital of Morris."
Jolene A. 5/23/2022

"As always everyone is fantastic at Animal Care Hospital. Tucker had a great experience. Thank you for your wonderful care.!"
Kathy & Randy G. 5/20/2022

"Quick and well-planned."
Russ F. 5/20/2022

"Everyone was exceptional!"
Sharon O. 5/15/2022

"It was great! Dr. Bauer is the best! I really trust her with my animals."
Theresa C. 5/9/2022

"Alyssa was so sweet and Sarge loved her! Dr. Minett took her time to explain everything and answered all my questions."
​​​​​​​Nicole & Sott B. 5/8/2022

"Love going to animal care hospital. They are so caring. Love the staff!"
Marissa W. 5/6/2022

"Great Job! Couldn't have been nicer."
Joy S. 5/5/2022

"My experience, as always, could not have been better. Animal Care Hospital is the absolute best and I trust them 100% with the care of my fur babies: Casey and Forbes."
​​​​​​​Deborah S. 5/1/2022

"Excellent staff, very friendly and professional."
Donald & Marlene R. 4/25/2022

"Karry was very good with trimming Roxy's nails. Thank You!"
Marjorie & Dennis D. 4/25/2022

"It was perfect. Dogs were so content thanks to the love of Julie and Dr. Bauer. Wonderful experience!"
​​​​​​​Tammy P. 4/20/2022

"There is no way you could have made anything better. Jackpot is a new dog thanks to Dr. Baur's expertise. We are grateful that she has found a solution."
Diane H. 4/17/2022

"We always appreciate the care that Sasha receives at ACH. She loves coming there and seeing all the friendly faces of the staff. Thanks so much for everything you do."
​​​​​​​Megan D. 4/12/2022

"Great experience, Lucy and Zeke are happy to visit with the techs, so friendly and helful, thanks!!"
Karen & Ed C. 4/11/2022

"Thank you so much for taking care of Maggie. We have never been reated so kindly. <3 :)!
Valerie D. 4/9/2022

"The experience was excellent, for the first visit! See you on the next visit! Thank you kindly!"
​​​​​​​Richard G. 4/7/2022

"Doc and facility was everything I hoped for. Not much more to ask for thanks Doc!"
Rick & June W. 4/7/2022

"Love the staff. Love Dr. Bauer, Keep up the good work!"
Robert & Caryn K. 4/4/2022

"Everyne was super friendly, answered questions, let me take him into a room beforehand so I could let him out the crate. The let me know how much everything was so I could make the best financial decision. Was just a really good visit overall."
Christian C. 4/2/2022

"It all was great!"
John M. 3/28/2022

"Staff and Doctors are awesome."
Mike H.

"Staff and care was great!"
Kathleen & Al R. 3/21/2022

"Excellent service, everyone could not be better."
Russ F. 3/10/2022

"I always trust that Rosie will get great care! I would not change a thing!"
​​​​​​​Barb & Ronald R. 3/9/2022

"I couldn't have asked for more. Everyone was wonderful!"
Sharon & Michael O. 3/8/2022

"My experience is always fantastic!"
Jill & Tom D. 3/1/2022

"It couldn't get any better. Doctors and staff are genuinely kind and most importantly, we know our Aussie Duke is under the best of care!"
​​​​​​​Jeffrey S. 2/19/2022

"Love your team! You really care!"
Kathy W. 2/19/2022

"It was perfect! Great Staff!"
Sue. H. 2/18/2022

"No complaints . . ever. you are all the best!"
Henry & Leslie B. 2/13/2022

"The care you give to both pet and owner is top notch!"
Chelsea F. 2/12/2022

"There is nothing that could have made my experience better. You can't do better than the best!"
Beth H. 2/7/2022

"I honestly don't think it could have gone better. Everyone was super friendly and super helpful."
Ashley R. 2/7/2022

"It was perfect, everyone was professional and our Lucy Lou enjoys being there. It could not be better."
Dan V. 2/4/2022

"Fantastic service including speedy check out! Thanks!"
Pat W. 2/4/2022

"It is impossible to improve on ecellent! BB and I thank you!"
Nancy M. 2/3/2022

"I love the staff at ACH!"
Shelby & Brad S. 2/3/2022

"Everything was absolutely perfect. Amazing service. I have never had a better exam performed on my dog!"
​​​​​​​Jodi H. 2/1/2022

"Maxwell loves everyone who cares for him!"
Antoinette & John T. 1/30/2022

"You are all fantastic! Doctors and staff are exceptional."
Carol W. 1/30/2022

"My appointment was very good. I appreciate that the veterinarian listened to my concerns about spaying Oakley at athe appropriate time for health benfits."
Heather & John S. 1/23/2022

"Very professional and caring."
Mike H. 1/22/2022

"Your service is already top-notch. Impossible to improve upon perfection!"
Susan P. 1/9/2022

"I can't think of anything would have made Leo's experience any better. The expert and kind care that Leo receives is absolutely second to none."
​​​​​​​Robert & Valerie C. 12/30/2021

"You guys are just the best. You accommodate my crazy and the entire staff is beyond top notch. Thaks for always being there for the pups!"
​​​​​​​Gail G. 12/24/2021

"Always complete and caring."
Gail & Dan B. 12/22/2021

"From the amazing women working the front desk. To the very nice office manager. To the vet tech's, assistants and the people who run the kennels who are truly dedicated to helping animals and don't mind having their clothes full of fur, they will have a big heart for your animal, as they are amazing people. And last but not least to Dr. Bauer who is the best vet we have ever had. So knowledgeable, very kind and caring. We have had Dr Bauer as our vet for multiple animals. She has given us hope when we lost ours. Given us treatment options we weren't aware of. She is truly dedicated to her patients and has a huge heart. Yes I would recommend anyone to Animal Care Hospital. Your pet will be in good hands with Dr Bauer and her team."
MIchelle P. 12/19/2021

"We are both very pleased with the compassion and concern Dr. Nikki and staff have provided, you could not do anything more, great experiences!!!!"
Karen & Ed C. 12/18/2021

"It was a great visit. I feel comfortable with the care you will provide for my pets. The five kitties are next!"
​​​​​​​Christine C. 12/14/2021

"My wife and I trust the Animal Care Hospital with Duke - we always know he is under excellent care with Doctors and staff!"
​​​​​​​Jeffrey Struck 12/14/2021

"It was perfect. Couldn't have been better. Everyone there is caring, loving, and supporitve. The care taken with my new puppy was exceptional, as always!"
Jeanette H. 12/11/2021

"I am very happy with my recent visit and care of Keegan. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Thank You!"
D. Bryne 12/10/2021

"Our experience with ACH has always been positive. The staff is genuinely friendly and professional, we have been going to this facility for years."
​​​​​​​Diane F. 12/6/2021

"Dr. Nicky was exceptionally informative and supportive. Julie was as well. They both spent time with my pup and I to be sure she was taken care of. They were so good to her and that makes a huge difference."
Lisa & Kyle S. 12/5/2021

"Everything was handled perfectly. Very pleased with our care and professionalism."
Dan V. 11/27/2021

"I'm sitting here thinking about how my visit could have been better, and I can't think of a thing. I switched back from a previous vet and Mee Mee is doing so much better!"
Lynn S. 11/26/2021

"Chaos lives up to his name and the dr and techs were very understanding and patient with him through his whole visit."
Jennifer M. 11/19/2021

"Everyone from front desk, techs and doctor were great to work with!"
Stephanie N. 11/12/2021

"I don't think it could've went any beter, new puppy-first visit & everyone was so amazing to us."
​​​​​​​Erik Q. 11/8/2021

"You managed to get my boy in to see the vet the same day I called. The care you gave him was very thorough. Your explanation of his condition and treatment was easy for me to undertand. Many Thanks."
​​​​​​​Susan P. 11/7/2021

"Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming, Perfect!"
Leanne M. 11/7/2021

"Awesome Service!"
Jane and Stuart K. 11/7/2021

"The staff is alwys so sweet with Charlie. Super fast to get results back as well, Thank You!"
Tiffany L. 11/4/2021

"I had a great expereience!"
Michele & Jim F. 11/4/2021

"No improvements needed! Staff was wonderful!"
​​​​​​​Kelli S. 11/1/2021

"I Don't think it could have been any better!"
Irene H. 10/29/2021

"Wonderful experience! Caring staff!"
Sandi R. 10/28/2021

"It ws all Good!"
​​​​​​​Jeri S. 10/27/2021

"Best Vets, techs & recepeptionists!"
Amy R. 10/26/2021

"You gave Maci a toy! That was special! Thank you and she thanks you too!"
Joanne B. 10/25/2021

"We've thoroughly enjoyed switching and feel our pets get the best care."
Jennifer H. 10/18/2021

"Everything was great! Love the friendly staff! A+++"
Phoebe & Mike W. 10/15/2021

"Super Friendly staff, competent and compassionate doctors, very pleased."
​​​​​​​Karen & Ed C. 10/9/2021

"It was great!"
Kay & William Mcg. 10/08/2021

"Excellent care for my Australian Shepherd, Duke. I always know Duke is in good hands when he is examined and or boarded."
Jeffrey S. 10/5/2021

"We appreciate you calling us when someone cancelled so we could get in sooner!"
Christl & Carl McC. 10/3/2021

"It was great!"
Dylan C. 9/28/2021

"We couldn't thank everyone enough for all you did for our baby girl!!!! DR. Bauer was amazing, especially at explaining everything and keeping me calm!! Daisy says thank you so much!"
Kerri & Kevin H. 9/26/2021

"Everyone was outstanding. Thank you!"
Sandy & Charles H. 9/21/2021

"Staff and Dr. Nicky hale always been helpful and compassionate when dealing with fur kid issues."
Marilyn Y. 9/19/2021

"It's always great!"
​​​​​​​Rhonda O. 9/16/2021

"The veterinarians are so attentive and caring. I travel 40 minutes to have them take care of my kitty!"
Laura H. 9/16/2021

"You all are awesome!"
​​​​​​​Debra K. 9/13/2021

"Dr. Nikki is awesome! things couldn't have gone better. The staff is great too! THANK YOU ALL AND STAY SAFE!"
Penny G. 9/13/2021

"Honestly Dr. Bauer demonstrated incredible patience with all of the many questions I asked, and issues that needed to be addressed. She did an incredible job of explaining the things I didn't understand, and offered even further explanation to make sure every choice i made for BigBoy was well informed. She listened to my concerns and took them seriously. It felt really good to have a vet that made me feel like she actually cared about my dog personally, and genuinely wants him to get better. All of the staff was patient, helpful and incredicbly kind. Im so glad I discovered this animal hospital."
​​​​​​​Christine C. 9/5/2021

"Wonderful people!"
Donald & Marlene R. 9/3/2021

"Staff is always so kind and caring. I've always highly recommended this establishment to others!"
​​​​​​​Ashley G. 8/24/2021

"We have gone here for years. They are very caring and helpful. Highly recommend!
Karla Y. 8/23/2021

"Everyone is super friendly and loving with your fur baby. Great medical care!"
Cindie H. 8/22/2021

"Everyone was was very friendly, I needed to get in on an urgent care basis and there were no openings, but I was very happy that they called when there was an opeining."
​​​​​​​Ray & Christine O. 8/16/2021

"Your response to our concern was immediate and comforting."
Pam S. 8/16/2021

"Everyone was wonderful!"
​​​​​​​Phyllis H. 8/9/2021

"Cats are happy! Great Service."
Nancy G. 8/6/2021

"I found theat everyone was very kind and worked hard to make Pepper feel comfortable. I would recommend Animal Care Hospital of Morris to anyone. Thanks Guys!"
D. S. 8/3/2021

"You did everything I needed, Thanks!"
Keith J. 8/1/2021

"Love all the staff and doctors!"
Mary & Joe G. 8/01/2021

"The team is amazing!!! I appreciate the staff and doctors so much!"
​​​​​​​Amy R. 8/1/2021

"Love Animal Care Hospital, always wonderful!"
Jill & Tom D. 7/29/2021

"I can't think of anything to make it better. It's always excellent."
Kay & William Mcg 7/26/2021

"Great to be back inside and good to see you all!"
Linda B. 7/25/20212

​​​​​​​Jennifer R. 7/22/2021

"Everything was perfect!"
Laura S. 7/20/2021

"Highly recommend! When our cat Mirphy had an unknown injury to his eye Dr. Bauer took care of him. The injury was too great to save the eye but the doctor explained our options to us. In the end, Mirphy had to have the damaged eye removed. We were given constant updates on his recovery and care. The staff said Mirphy was purring loudly shortly after the surgery. Great doctor and staff. Mirphy is a very happy and health cat today. Thanks to the care he received."
Linny V. 7/20/2021

"Everyone is so nice and caring with my little boy (dog)."
Antoinette & John T. 7/18/2021

"It was perfect. I was extremely worried about Thor and everyone was very caring & compassionate, on the phone and when I cam in. I could ask for a better group of people to care for my little man! Thank you for everything you've done for us!"
Shelia C. 7/18/2021

"We love your attitude, keep up the good work!"
Pat W. 7/16/2021

"Your care and concern for my 2 girls is spot on. They are comfortable with your staff and therefore i am comfortable and trusting of your care. Thank You!"
Sherri F. 7/13/2021

"Everthing was great!"
Kathy I. 7/12/2021

"It was Great!"
Joe & Jody E. 7/10/2021

"Great Service!"
Bryan N. 7/9/2021

"Very professional and took great care of my pet. Would highly recommend to others. Also very compassionate with my pet."
​​​​​​​John P. 7/8/2021

"Maci likes staying when I board her with you. The staff shows love and cares very well for her! Thank You!"
Joanne B. 7/6/2021

"It was an excellent visit as always, thank you!"
​​​​​​​Ruth & Steve S. 6/27/2021

Rosa & Jesus C. 6/27/2021

"Everyone was friendly and helpful!"
Ray & Rose G. 6/25/2021

"I've always been happy with Animal Care Hospital!"
Sara M. 6/18/2021

"You are all awesome! Thank You!"
Lori M. 6/18/2021

"I have been with Dr. Nicky since she came to Morris! She is the best vet ever!"
JoEllyn J. 6/18/2021

"CoVid lockdown was surely difficult for all of you, esp coming out to cars for pets. You planned out very well and you succeeded to bring highest service to me as a pet owner and others , I’m sure. It was really saving for me to have the car door service! I’ve had a couple injuries, arthritic knee mostly, that prevented me from carrying the pet inside. Just walking was impossible for a long time. Drive-thru anything was a blessing. You all are very professional yet very caring all the time. This is unique to find even compared to the human medical world. I’m spoiled."
​​​​​​​Vic & Beth T. 6/11/2021

"It was perfect!"
Jeri S. 6/11/2021

"I absolutely love this Animal Hospital. Thank You for taking care of myu furbabies, and treating them like your own."
Jessica M. 6/10/2021

"Always great service, just looking forward to getting back to normal conditions instead of curbside." - Us too James - Inside appointments are coming June 14th, 2021! Thank you for your patience - ACH Team
James S. C. 6/9/2021

"It went smoothly and staff all seemed to genuinely care about my pet."
​​​​​​​Joe T. 5/28/2021

"Always a pleasure to have my Higgins cared for by ACH!
Mike M. 5/28/2021

"You are doing A-OK!"
​​​​​​​Anthony & Lona T. 5/23/2021

"I am so happy with the care you gave my Boh, and your employees are super caring and friendly."
Joan K. 5/21/2021

"I don't think it could have been any better. I was pleasantly suprised at the professionalism and care that was taken of my cats. Thank You!"
Maria A. 5/15/2021

"It was a good experience!"
James & Anegelle M. 5/14/2021

"You were very prompt and kind in the handling of Buddy. I couldn't have asked for a better experience."
Catherine G. 5/10/2021

"Our experience was Awesome! Thank you for taking such good care of Boo!!!"
Stacey & Dan W. 5/9/2021
"Thank you for being so kind to Nibsy. I remember other vets where my pets would cringe to go into. It makes all the difference. No more pet momma guilt!"
​​​​​​​Debbie R. 5/4/2021

"I appreciate the fast appointment and excellent care that my dog received and the friendliness of the staff."
​​​​​​​Jennifer H. 5/3/2021

"ACH is the best. They took such good care of my girl. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The standards for veterianry care are set by ACH."
Tommy M. 4/30/2021

"It was perfect in every way!"
Beth H. 4/29/2021

"Everything was great!"
Claudette & Bob M. 4/25/2021

"Always a positive visit. Great service!"
Nicole F. 4/25/2021

"All was great. Thank you so much!"
Vince & Sue Z. 4/23/2021

"It is always a great experience."
Karla Y. 4/22/2021

"Animal Care Hospital has taken excellent care of all my pets for the past 20 years or more. I will not go anywhere else. The staff and doctors are the best in town."
​​​​​​​Maria & Ninfa G. 4/20/2021

"You all were great! Thank you SO MUCH for taking care of our Daisy!!"
​​​​​​​Marcey S. 4/19/2021

"Everyone who works there is the best!"
Henry & Leslie B. 4/17/2021

"I always recommend you to my clients and friends!!"
JoEllyn J. 4/17/2021

"Very fast and nice."
Robert G. 4/16/2021

"You keep Maci healthy! Keep doing what your doing. Thank You!"
Joanne B. 4/12/2021

"You all have been great with Chase's care, not only doing what you do but also working so close with VCA and Animal Eye Consultants specialists for his care."
Linda B. 4/11/2021

"Everything was great, thanks!"
Kathleen & Al R. 4/11/2021

"Our experience was wodnerful. The staff listened, got us in quickly and were all very helpful. Thank you for being there when we needed you!"
Phoebe & Mike W. 4/2/2021

"It was wonderful! Everyone was so kind and compassionate to my sweet pup!"
Carla McC. 3/27/2021

"You guys are all great! Always take the time to do the best job of taking care of my pets whether its a big thing or small!!
​​​​​​​Ruth & Steve S. 3/25/2021

"We've been extremely happy!"
Bradley & Cody B. 3/23/2021

"Everything was good!"
​​​​​​​Jennifer R. 3/21/2021

"Everytime we take our dog there is always a great experience."
Adam C. 3/20/2021

"Everything went smoothly, puncutal and I loved the Dr. called me on the phone and explained everything about Marley's exam. Everyone who works there are GREAT people, even Marley likes to go visit them!!! Teyare doing a great job managing this pandemic!! Thank You very much from Marley and her fur parents <3"
Chrstl & Carl McC. 3/19/2021

"We can't thank you enough for your compassion and professionalism. We are grateful."
Kathy & Jason K. 3/9/2021

"The staff has always been wonderful and the doctors conscientious and professional!"
​​​​​​​Tom T. 3/7/2021

"We were very impressed with the service and care that Molly received. At this time I can't think of anything to improve. Looking forward to the day we can come in with Molly for her check up!"
​​​​​​​Belinda C. 3/4/2021

"My Miss Daisy Cat wouldn't be here without them - Five Stars!"
Jo S. 2/27/2021

"Fig loves to visit everyone at ACH, and he is always treated like the King he is!"
Beth H. 2/27/2021

"Amazing!!! There is absolutely nothing I can ask for you guys to change and make better!! Fast and easy!"
Everett M. 2/26/2021

"You are all great!"
Megan D. 2/25/2021

"Considering the challenges everyone is now facing, you all have the appointment/visit set up quite nicely. I Just look forward to being able to come in with Thor again. I miss chatting with you! Thank you for all you have done and do for Thor."
Sheila C. 2/21/2021

"Nothing Better! Always Friendly Faces, they love Rosebud!"
​​​​​​​Thomas G. 2/15/2021

"Excellent Service."
​​​​​​​Mary & John R. 02/13/2021

"Very satisfied with care provided Reggie so much better. Great friendly, reasonable service."
Karen & Ed C. 2/13/2021

"I think that ACH Morris is doing the very best that it possibly can to make our pet care experience great!"
Robert & Valerie C. 2/13/2021

"Everything went well!!"
Juli P. 2/8/2021

"You could not have made it better. Your staff stayed after hours to treat our two dogs. If not for them that extra time we would have spent driving somewhere else could have been the difference in them surviving. THANK YOU again so much!!!"
Matt L. 2/8/2021

"I am very happy with the service Figgy received at her last visit!"
Andy H. 2/6/2021

"It was great!"
Jean G. 2/6/2021

"Quited honestly, I don't see how you could have done better. Everyone is professional and friendly, and Lucy loves to come see you all. Your explanation of Lucy's exam was detailed yet easy to understand. A plan was suggested to address to address any issues and what to watch for until the next annual exam. It was perfect!"
Dan V. 2/4/2021

"You are the best ever!"
Carolann W. 1/29/2021

"You ALL did a wonderful job and are very friendly and helpful!"
Lori & Doug L. 1/29/2021

"Thanks so much for taking great care of Wrigley!"
​​​​​​​David & Debra K. 1/28/2021

"Maci loves going to see you all and you take great care of her!"
Joanne B. 1/25/2021

"Your professional service and true kindness to our dogs and taking care to spend time on the phone explaining everything and being personal even though we can't be there with our dogs is above and beyond. Thank you so much for all you do. Would never go anywhere else!"
Steven & Wendy D. 1/22/2021

"Loved the care, concern and direction five to us and Boo Radley, our elderly cat. Thank you very much!"
​​​​​​​Robert & Caryn K. 1/12/2021

"Everyone in your hospital is always kind and helpful, keep up the great work!"
Ruth & Steve S. 1/12/20201

"The only thing I mis is being in ther, but I know with COVID we can't. I totally trust that our fur babies always get the best care with Dr. Nicky and her team!"
JoEllyn J. 1/10/2021

"It could not have been better. Everything was very nice."
Diane H. 1/7/2021

"Good service and nice people."
​​​​​​​Russ F. 12/11/2020

"We love the staff and their commitment to genuine care."
​​​​​​​Stacie B. 12/8/2020

"Everything was great. I am so happy they could help my cat and the staff were great with keeping me in touch throughout her care."
Ruby S. 12/4/2020

"As a first time visitor with my dog I was not sure what to expect. The staff made me feel very welcome along with making the experience safe and quick during a pandemic."
Noe L. 12/4/20200

"Always a great experience there my dog loves coming there."
Adam C. 11/28/2020

"Considering the pandemic circumstances, everything worked well and Duke received the best care. Duke is my best buddy and I can't imagine him not at my side. We are a good team and he deserves the best care. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Jeffrey S. 11/24/2020

"Everyone takes care of Maci so well that the experience is great! I have confidence in all of you! You take such good care of her and it makes me happy."
Joanne B. 11/23/2020

"This place is amazing. Excellent doctor and excellent staff. I deal with them multiple times per month and they are very pleasant! My cat wasn't eating for 6 days and doctor found the complicted issue ASAP and saved her!"
Valerie G. 11/17/2020
"All was good!"
​​​​​​​Felicia A. 11/16/2020

"All was great!"
Vince & Sue Z. 11/16/2020

"Excellent care as always!"
​​​​​​​Lu C. 11/9/2020

"I felt you did a great job. Can't think of an imporvement."
Toney & Julia C. 11/6/2020

"Appointment was perfect as usual"
Diane H. 11/5/2020

"I have always had a good experience here. Top notch employees and doctors. Thank You."
Sue Lynn M. 11/2/2020

"The staff and doctor is always very kind and informative no matter what my question is. Thank you for being so great to my pets!"
Danielle & Edward R. 11/3/2020

"It was perfect...Stephanie was great! I can tell she takes a lot of pride and passion in her job, expecially with the pets. DR. Meade was greate! We love her, she actually helped put our cat Mittens down earlier this year and was very very kind. I would 100% recommend your Hospital!"
​​​​​​​Michelle & Scott C. 10/30/2020

"With the way things are right now (pandemic) I think you are all doing great! But then again, your team was awesome before the craziness. Stay safe!"
Shannon & Roger E. 10/25/2020

"I do always recommend Animal Care Hospital to many people. You are all the best! We just love you all!"
Joe and Jody E. 10/14/2020

"Excellent Care!"
​​​​​​​Loni Pierce 10/12/2020

"You are doing great, keep up the good work!"
Sophie C. 9/30/2020

"Given current COVID related concernes, Leo's experience was super."
Robert & Valerie C. 9/26/2020

"Thank You for keeping Rosie healthy and happy!"
Burt & Lupe L. 9/25/2020

"Service was good, prompt and seemed to be thorough."
​​​​​​​Marshall & Sandy H. 9/24/2020

"Visit was perfect!"
Michele B. 9/24/2020

"Couldn't be better."
Sam & Linda R. 9/24/2020

"We always feel good about our visits, but especially now with the COVID protocols in place. Roxy looks forward to coming in whether for check-ups, boarding, or just a nail trim. Thank You for taking such good care, not only of Roxy, but your clients and staff."
Gail & David R. 9/21/2020

"It was perfect"
Donald & Marlene R. 9/20/2020

"Kind and reasonable rates."
​​​​​​​Karen & Ed C. 9/20/2020

"Everything always goes very smoothly when I go to my appointments."
​​​​​​​Jodi H. 9/17/2020

"Awesome as always!"
Nicole F. 9/12/2020

"Dr. Bauer and the ACH team are Amazing! They truly went above and beyond with helping our sick cat. We wouldn't know what to do without you all!"
Amy R. 9/11/2020

"Nothing you could do better! THe personal service, the compassion and care for my pets, it's amazing! Thank You for all you do!"
​​​​​​​Del T. 9/6/2020

"Everything was great!"
​​​​​​​Jennifer R. 9/1/2020

"It was great and always is great. Hunter enjoys coming there!"
Adam C. 8/31/2020

"Getting Chloes nails trimmed could not be easier."
Patricia A. 8/30/2020

"Everyone is doing a GREAT job!!!! During this difficult time with the COVID situation everyone is takig estra time to make sure we know what is happening withour pet(s)! I always recommend your practice!! Keep up the great work!"
Cindy & Dave S. 8/28/2020

"We are always happy with how Gator is treated and have already recommended you guys! Thanks for taking such good care <3!"
​​​​​​​Stephanie & Matthew H. 8/17/2020

"The staff is always friendly and helpful!'
Lynne R. 8/15/2020

"I am VERY pleased with the service. They are very thoughtful, caring, and friendly. Highly recommend!"
Judi & Jim S. 8/14/2020

"Even in these strange times, the staff including Dr. Bauer were attentive and personable."
Bradley & Cody B. 8/11/2020

"It was a very good experience. Thank you for getting us in so fast!"
​​​​​​​Debbie R. 8/9/2020

"It was perfect!"
Cindy D. 8/8/2020

"WE HIHGLY recommend Animal Care Hospital for any pet conerns, bathing, etc. Top notch service!"
​​​​​​​Kelly McC. 8/7/2020

"Don't change a thing!"
Mary & Joe G. 8/2/2020

"You guys were wonderful and then some!"
Terry jo H. 7/26/2020

"Everything was great! Thank You Dr. Bauer!"
Christina & Weston P. 7/25/2020

"You guys did an excellent job!"
Kara R. 7/24/2020

"Everything was great!"
​​​​​​​Phillys H. 7/19/2020

"I was very satisfied with how all of you take care of Maci and me. Great experience and great treatment to help Maci be healthy!"
Joanne B. 7/19/2020

"It is an excellent experience from start to finish. I am espcecially impressed and appreciateive of added safety protocols put into place for COVID considerations."
Gail & David R. 7/17/2020

"It was a great experience!"
John P. 7/16/2020

"Everything was great!"
​​​​​​​Becky & Greg P. 7/14/2020

"As always it was perfect for both Nancy and Misty! It is impossible to improve on perfection. Thank You for your professionalism."
​​​​​​​Nancy M. 7/9/2020

"You have always been so caring and professional. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Nancy M. 7/5/2020

"Keep up the Great Work!"
Tim M. 7/3/2020

"I've been bringing my animals for years. they have given me good caring service!"
Karen S. 7/2/2020

"My experience was great! It was fast and very thorough on information about Pixie. Staff and the doctor both answered all my questions. Even the Coronavirus didn't stop the amazing customer service."
Christine H. 6/23/2020

"Always professional and friendly!"
​​​​​​​Steven & Wendy D. 6/23/2020

"I love the new way (curbside service). I feel like kitties are safe and you are limiting exposure between them and people and other animals. Service was super fast and Stephanie did an awesome job with Misty!"
Misty J. 6/23/2020

"It was Great!"
Carly & Erik F. 6/22/2020

"It was the best! I was very nervous about not going in with Thor, but everyone was great & Thor did awesome. How a visit is set up now was very good. I didn't wait long at all. Whole process was very limited time, but enought time for Thor to get a proper check-up."
​​​​​​​Sheila C. 6/21/2020

"We were well taken care of."
Sue Lynn M. 6/19/2020

"Great experience! Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Ramona & Gary C. 6/18/2020

"(Curbside) Most seamless visit ever! Never have been so quick for a physical and vaccinations. Should keep it this way! So much easier. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Lori C. 6/15/2020

"Everything was great as usual. Thanks,"
Tammy P. 6/14/2020

"Everything was perfect"
Joe & Jody E. 6/12/2020

"Perfect, no changes. You are appreciated!"
Gretg J. 6/12/2020

"Appointment went smoothly and quickly. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Ruth & Steve S. 6/11/2020

"Everyone was very kind. Thank You!"
Bonnie & Jim O. 6/2/2020

"Excellent experience for me. My babies were in great hands. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Loni P. 6/1/2020

"Spike loves the people there. They take good care of him."
Pam P. 5/31/2020

COVID-19 curbside service "system seemed smooth."
Vic & Beth T. 5/31/2020

"I am very pleased, can't think of a thing I would change! Doctors and staff are Awesome. :)"
Jacque & Eric B. 5/30/2020

"Great service, honest fees, looking forward to meeting doctor in person, very pleased!"
Karen & Ed C. 5/25/2020

"Everything went good."
Jennifer R. 5/19/2020

"It was a great experience. No issues at all!"
Josh & Erin L. 5/19/2020

"Your office is great! Thank you for all you do for Sky."
​​​​​​​Rachel & Michael B. 5/17/2020

"Great Staff!"
Dawn I. 5/15/2020

"Could not have been betterin these crazy times. Dr. Bauer spent quite a bit of time with me via phone explaining the diagnosis, options, and treatment plan. Very pleased!"
Karen & Craig G. 5/15/2020

"Everything went well!"
Dana & Gary R. 5/14/2020

"You made it very easy!"
​​​​​​​Lynne R. 5/11/2020

"Thank you for getting my boy in so quickly with his issue. Good to know he has a clinic that cares. You are the best."
​​​​​​​Joan K. 5/7/2020

"I can't think of anything you could do better! Especially during this pandemic. Everything went very smoothly and the staff is so caring and professional! Love, Gozo, Espie, and Gabby.
​​​​​​​Lu C. 5/4/2020

"Very caring and thorough."
​​​​​​​Dee B. 5/3/2020

"Everyone at ACH is wonderful. We feel lucky to have you caring for our best friends. Thanks!"
Henry & Leslie B. 5/3/2020

"It was wonderful in every way!"
Lillian T. 5/1/2020

"My experience couldn't have been better!"
Kay & William M. 4/26/2020

"I have had great experiences every time I've been here! Everyone is always so nice and very helpful! I really love bringing Lady here and she loves coming! Thank you all or all you do for our girl!"
​​​​​​​Ashely A. 4/24/2020

"You always take great care of our high maintenance Doxie Angel"
​​​​​​​Tim M. 4/21/2020

"Thanks for your continued care & kindness. We apreciate everything that you do for our 2 dogs!"
​​​​​​​Carol & Lynn T. 4/12/2020

"Fantastic job during COVID-19! So grateful you figured out a way to stay safe while taking care of our pets!"
Heather C. 4/12/2020

"Always the best of care and attention."
Tom T. 4/10/2020

"Great Experience!"
​​​​​​​Ramona & Gary C. 4/9/2020

"You did the best you could have, with what the world is in now. Good Job! Be Safe!"
Jennifer R. 4/4/2020

"Even though we are going through this pandemic, you still have been wonderful. We love you guys and that's why we have been with you since Dr. Nicky opened. Professional, kind-hearted, you are all FABULOUS and we see the love you have for our fur babies. Were trusting you with our kids lives and you always give 200%. Thank you. Keep doing what your doing."
Cindy C. 4/3/2020

"You couldn't make it any better! The love and caring you show Oakie every time he's there is priceless."
Jeanette H. 4/2/2020

"I feel we recieved exceptional care for our dogs here."
​​​​​​​Jeremiah V. 3/29/2020

"I would have loved to meet the staff and Dr. Bauer - but under the COVID-19 circumstances, our chance will come! Thanks so much!"
Beth C. 3/26/2020

"Great Response. Appreciate everything! She seems to be over the cat flu. Her breathing is better, cough gone. And I have the lysin treats you recommended. ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY - "
MIchelle & Phillip C. 3/26/2020

"Great friendly people. My dog was acting out of charachter today, not sure why. But they got him in right away even with all this craziness going on. Thanks so much for taking care of Axle."
Matt C. 3/26/2020

"Nothing, Everyone was so kind and friendly."
Felicia A. 3/21/2020

"We are always very happy with the care our girls receive here!!"
​​​​​​​JoEllyn J. 3/17/2020

"No need to imporve. I am always satisfied with the attention and care my dogs receive."
Anthony & Lona T. 3/12/2020

"Spencer gets the best care."
​​​​​​​Loni P. 3/8/2020

"Everyone at ACH is wonderful. My Big Boy loves the staff and he must think he's on vacation because he rarely ever has any separation issues when I leave him for a few days there! Thanks!!!"
Mike M. 3/7/2020

"Really appreciate the kindness& professinalisms. . . can't say enough on how much I appreciate Dr. Niki's care for my pet. . . Thank everyone . . . highly recommend to anyone who needs a professional veterinarian. . . Great people!!!"
Dennis R. 2/29/2020

"It was perfect! This was my first visit back after having lost our previous pup last year. It was very hard for me to come in. Everyone was very kind & caring. Thor was taken care of with comfort & care too. He absolutely loved visiting everyone there!"
​​​​​​​Sheila C. 2/15/2020

"The entire staff at Animal Care Hospital are awesome!"
​​​​​​​Jim & Dorothy F. 2/14/2020

"I always recieve excellent service at ACH of Morris!"
​​​​​​​Beth H. 2/10/2020

"Everyone seems to care about your pet."
​​​​​​​Dan & Carol T. 2/8/2020

"Probably the only way it could have been better is if you paid me to watch her! Animal Care Hospital is the best in my eyes!"
Christine & Richard J. 1/28/2020

"It was perfect, Jullie, Dr. Nikki, and Laurie were wonderful. WE are blessed to have them taking such great care of my precious baby."
​​​​​​​Jeanette H. 1/26/2020

"Our appointment for Chloe Belle went very well & we recieved very good care."
David & Christl S. 1/25/2020

"Our experience at the hospital has always been positive. The dr.s and staff have helped us with many different isues during happy and sad times. They are the Best"
Diane F. 1/25/2020

"Animal Care of Morris is fatastic. They truly care about your pets and show it. I've been contacted personally updating me on my cat while boarding and they've answered calls and scheduled me in quickly when he got sick. THey are all very nice and welcoming to everyone who passed through."
Amanda M. 1/24/2020

"Thanks for helping Charlie get better!"
Kirsten B. 1/18/2020

"Hard to beat perfection! Thank you for always being perfect."
Steven & Wendy D. 1/18/2020

"Everyone was friendly & very welcoming, nothing could have been better!"
Felicia A. 1/17/2020

"From the girls at the front desk and the Vet Tech, and Miss Bauer, the vet. Were very informative and were so good with Marley and very helpful with showing us how to clean her ears, we highly recommend you! Thanks for everything!
Cristl & Carl McC. 1/13/2020

"Everything was wonderful. My dog was calm there and her nail trim was quick!"
​​​​​​​Colette B. 1/12/2020

"It was a very good experience. Dr. Nicky is a sweetheart!"
Dorothy & John P. 12/30/2019

"Amazing staff and Dr.'s Very warm and caring, take the time to explain absolutely everything. I will never go anywhere else."
​​​​​​​Stacie & Cameron B. 12/23/2019

"We recently lost our pet to cancer. The kindness and sympathy shown by the whole staff was amazing. Dr. Nicky truly cares about the animals! The clinic is very clean too. We're very happy to be with this animal care hospital."
Bob & Lisa 12/19/2019

"I would not go anywhere else.!! We have been with Dr. Nicky since she came to Morris!!"
JoEllyn J. 12/16/2019

"Always treated well!"
Dana & Gary R. 12/16/2019

"Everyone is so nice and sweet to our dog!"
Antoinette & John T. 12/16/2019

"Izzy is very timid, but the vet tech and Dr. Nicky were amazing with her!"
Kathy & John M. 12/8/2019

"Dr. Bauer is a wonderful doctor, taking whatever time is necessary to explain the issue at hand. The staff is amiable and helpful at all times: I am very pleased to be a client."
​​​​​​​Tom T. 12/5/2019

"Very pleased with Dr. & appointment over all. Thank you for taking such great care of Ace!"
​​​​​​​Kathy B. 12/2/2019

"We have always been very happy with the care Holly receives! The customer servics is one of the best! Holly loves to visit her friends at the Animal Care Hospital!
Greg & Katie H. 11/24/2019

"Wondersul experience, nevery any problems, wouldn't change anything!"
Donald & Marlene R. 11/2/2019

"Always a pleasant experience. Roxy looks forward to coming in!"
Gail & David R. 11/1/2019

"It was perfect. I feel so relieved to know that you care about him. The tests and pictures of Oakie I get from you guys make me feel confident and relaxed that he's in good hands. I appreciate all you do for him (and me)!!"
Jeanette H. 10/21/2019

"Your staff is great! Dr. Bauer is wonderful with Harley and very knowledgeable. All of the techs help us so much and the receptionists, Donna, Laurie, Kerri, and Kendra feel like good friends. They are so helpful. Everyone makes me feel like they love my dog and will do everything possible to help him."
​​​​​​​Thelma & Larry B. 10/21/2019

"Great, Thoughtful care of my cat!"
Beth G. 10/20/2019

"Everything was perfect!"
Jessica P. 10/18/2019

"Love it here! Everyone is so nice!"
​​​​​​​Nancy G. 8/18/2019

"Great care for animals (Rug, blanket on table, peanut butter and treats - - our old vet was just metal table and couldn't tell if staff liked animals) Very nice ladies worked as a team. Very kind staff, I wouldn't go elsewhere, thanks!"
​​​​​​​Missy S. 10/18/2019

"You all have been very respectful and very nice to my dogs. I love coming here and the staff are so great with my dogs.
​​​​​​​Adam C. 10/11/2019

"Nothing. You guys are great!"
Jolene & Daniel W. 10/7/2019

"Very Good Experience."
Greg B. 10/7/2019

"You take very good care of Blu! Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Dawn A. 9/28/2019

"They are the nicest people. They really care about your pet."
​​​​​​​Antoinette & John T. 9/8/2019

"It was perfect. Came in at the end of the day and they were very helpful."
Theresa & Michael B. 9/3/2019

"You are the best!!! We totally trust you with all our furbabies!!"
​​​​​​​JoEllyn J. 9/1/2019

"Always a good experience, as good of an experience one can have when your baby is sick. I know my dogs are always in the best hands."
Holly K. 8/30/2019

"You all are just wonderful. Would not take our pets anywhere else."
Cindy D. 8/18/2019

"Dr. Nicky couldn't have done anything better. She is very attentive and goes above and beyond to provide for the needs of our pet."
Kathy I. 8/17/2019

"Everything went Great!"
Ruth & Steve S. 8/16/2019

"Everyone is Wonderful. Always kind and compassionate."
Cindy & Dave S. 8/5/2019

"I love everything about your facility and have no suggestions at this time. :) Thank You!
Danielle V. 7/26/2019

"You guys are Awesome!"
Karla V. 7/24/2019

"I have never been disappointed at your hospital. Everyone is always so friendly and professional."
​​​​​​​Sue Lynn M. 7/22/2019

"Love this place!"
Kris & Harold W. 7/14/2019

"Could not have been better!! Absolutely wonderful!! So happy my friend told me about your place! Everyone is great! Even from the first day on the phone making the appt I knew this was the place I needed my Olivia to be!! Thank you so much for all your kindness and taking care of Olivia!!
​​​​​​​Mandie H. 7/9/2019

"Our furry family members have always received excellent, loving care here. our dog Olli thinks he's on a social call going to visit!"
​​​​​​​Michelle D. 7/9/2019

"All of you are great!"
Jolene & Daniel W. 7/1/2019

"It was a great experience. Everyone was very friendly & very accommodation for Thor & me."
​​​​​​​Sheila C. 6/23/2019

"All was great!"
Vince & Sue Z. 6/21/2019

"I can't express the professional service I have received from this veterinary hospital, they have always been there anytime I needed them, Dr. Bauer is my babies angel, along with the other vet's, my one baby has had 3 surgery's, they saved her life! I have taken my babies to them for years now, and would never go any place else. They always explain everything in detail to me, along with showing the X-rays, and have always worked with me on other matters. All I can express is gratitude to them for caring and understanding . . . They are the BEST!
Carol Ann W. 6/16/2019

"All of you at Animal Care Hospital have been outstanding in your care of Harley. We couldn't ask for any better help with Harley's major problems. I am confident he will get the best possible care when we bring him in to be checked."
Thelma & Larry B. 6/14/2019

"It was wonderful! Roxy is excited to go in as soon as we pull into the parking lot. It is great for us to get away without feeling guilty knowing she is in such good hands."
Gail & David R. 6/14/2019

"Very professional service and clean facility! Usually a veterinary clinic has an usual smell, like dogs, but this facility is very clean and odor free! Everyone is very friendly, professional! Highly recommended!
Milady G. 6/10/2019

"Did an awesome job removing mass of our English Springer . . . Helped get him ein the car . . . he is back to his normal happy self. Thanks again for taking such good care of him and explaining everything! Great Staff!!"
Kristen B. 6/9/2019

"Every expectation I have for my pet is taken care of!"
James & Kelly N. 6/8/2019

"I think you did a great job. And Whiskey made a new friend in technician Stephanie. He just LOVED her."
Charlie & Jennifer E. 6/1/2019

"Always Treated Well."
Dana R. 5/31/2019

"You could not have taken better care of our Georgy. He was loved by all of you, like he was your own. Thank You!"
Alana M. 5/31/2019

"Oh everything was great - - I even had help with Angel coming into office and leaving."
Shirley F. 5/26/2019

"Tessa loves everyone at ACH!! Thank you for loving her back!"
Donna I. 5/24/2019

"Great service and care."
Faye & Gerald G. 5/12/2019

"I am always pleased with how we are treated at your facility. Your gentle heands on my pets are truly appreciated! :)"
Sue Lynn M. 5/12/2019

"I called at 6:45 when you close at seven and you said if I could be there in five minutes you could see tink and that was so kind of you!"
Jeri S. 5/5/2019

"Very satisfied with everything and how much attention they gave to her."
Ed & Sandy C. 5/4/2019

"I was not present but got a great report from Will's driver!"
Peg T. 5/3/2019

"I felt like the staff listened to my concerns and addressed them with care and compassion."
Kirk H. 5/3/2019

"Always great service and care!"
Cheryl & Tom T.

"Great vets here. Been coming here for many years!"
Carol & Terry F. 4/21/2019

"Always a quick and caring response for Duke & family. Thank you!"
Jeffrey S. 4/13/2019

"It would be impossible to make any of my experiences at ACH better!"
Beth H. 4/12/2019

"Went very smoothly and quickly. Great experience."
Sophie C. 4/12/2019

"Great doctor and staff. Was very helpful!"
Gina M. 4/09/2019

"You all did very good with my Dottie!"
Jennifer R. 4/07/2019

"Fifteen years ago we adopted a rescue dog - we started taking her to ACH Morris. They were always helpful, supportive, professional and supportive of her care. Even when we boarded her, we always knew she would be in "good hands"! It is a wonderful and caring staff and we highly recommend them! Thank you for all the love and support you always gave - even on her last visit!! Much appreciated!"
​​​​​​​Kandy and Tom C. 4/7/2019

"This is the greatest animal care place ever! We love our doctors, techs, and office staff!"
Deb & Grant R. 4/4/2019

"Everyone was very nice and answered ll our questions. I wouldn't take mypet any where else. Same great service as we had with Lucy. You gusy are the best!"
​​​​​​​Cindy D. 3/23/2019

"You always provide top notch care to my pets!"
Cindy & Dave S. 3/22/2019

"The staff and care givers are wonderful! Special thanks to Megan for her special care to my special boy Higgins when I have to travel on business!"
​​​​​​​Mike M. 3/21/2019

"Everyone is very nice!"
Kathy B. 3/18/2019

"The staff was very pleasant and friendly. They were very helpful and scheduled us right away. The Dr. was very helpful and informative. Excellent care and service!"
​​​​​​​Andrea D. 3/15/2019

"Love, love the care they provide!"
Antoinette & John T. 3/9/2019

"You made Roxie and my day . . .a wonderful experience!"
Jim & Sandy B. 3/7/2019

"Thank you so much for the awesome attention you gave to Bo. I can only compliment how wonderfrul everyone was to accommodate our old gal. Thank you again!"
​​​​​​​Joe and Jody E. 3/5/2019

"Awesome service!"
Nancy G. 3/4/2019

"Great experience, couldn't be better!"
Donald & Marlene R. 3/3/2019

"Good experience"
Dana & Gary R. 3/3/2019

"All were very kind and professional"
Brian S. 3/1/2019

"Y'all were awesome!"
​​​​​​​Donna T. 2/23/2019

"We have ALWAYS been very happy with care we have received from Animal Care Hospital for all of our pets."
​​​​​​​Pamela F. 2/17/2019

"Thanks Dr. Bauer for taking care of my Addy Grace!"
​​​​​​​Julie R. 4/14/2019

"Everyone is GREAT in taking care of special lady LENA. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Robert V. 2/4/2019

"I appreciated the tour of your kitty condos last visit. Everyone is great! It's good to know you track the amount of liquid and food ingested, as well as all eliminations."
​​​​​​​Vic & Beth T. 02/1/2019

"Great Experience!"
Zach & Rachel R. 1/27/2019

"Did a great job taking care of our little Beagle Boy. Thanks for all you do!"
Kirsten B. 1/26/2019

"Very Helpful as usual. Once again we called at the last minute and we were fit into your schedule, thank you so much!"
​​​​​​​Billie Jean W. 1/22/2019

"I am always satisfied with the care our Penny receives. Thank you for taking such good care of her. I always rave about your office!"
​​​​​​​Robin K. 1/16/2019

"I have confidence that my precious fur baby Spencer has the best care available. Thank You Dr. Bauer!"
​​​​​​​Loni P. 1/08/2019

"Very impressed with Dr. Megan Bauer and staff, and thank you very much for getting us in without an appointment. Dr. Bauer is very thorough and spends all the time she needs to explain everything."
Tom T. 01/07/2019

"Dr. Nicky is wonderful to all of our furry family. She is honest and heartfelt."
Patricia & Daniel C. 01/06/2019

Angel C. 12/24/2018

"Always recommended! Dr. Nicky, Dr. Bauer, Stephanie, Julie, Kerri, Matt, Kendra and the rest of the staff . . . . amazing people who truly care! Never a critieque! Keep doing what your doing! We love you guys!"
Holly K. 12/23/2018

"They take excellent care of my Maggie!"
Russ F. 12/23/2018

"Great experience every time I bring my dog in!"
​​​​​​​James & Kelly N. 12/14/2018

"The staff is very friendly and great with Tucker."
​​​​​​​Amy G. 12/10/2018

"Animal Care Hospital of Morris has been our go to most trusted ver for over 16 years."
​​​​​​​Carol F. 12/09/2018

"Wonderful caring experience every time Abby visit Animal Care Hospital Veterinarian Hospital!"
Donald & Marlene R. 12/08/2018

"Absolutely wonderful staff!"
Daniel & Nina S. 12/03/2018

"Always satsified."
Dana & Gary R. 12/03/2018

"I wouldn't take my pet anywhere else! Dr. Bauer and staff are great! I learned this with how well they helped me with my past dog when she became very sick."
​​​​​​​Kristin L. 11/30/2018

"Sheena loved her bath and we love how soft and beautiful she is after her spay day with Cathy! Thanks Lady!
Lisa W. 11/23/2018

"Everyone is looking out for what is best for our cat! They want it to be stress free for our animals and I LOVE that!"
Sarah M. 11/20/2018

"A professional and caring animal hospital . . .I cannot say enough good things about this staff!"
Beth H. 11/18/2018

"Friendly staff. Always a good experience."
Erin L. 11/17/2018

"Couldn't as for better care!"
​​​​​​​Janice G. 11/12/2018

"We always receive top notch care at Animal Care Hospital of Morris. Wehad Dr. Bauer today and she gave us some great tips o handling Misty's Seperation anxiety. Thank you Dr. Bauer and Stephanie and Kerri Too!"
​​​​​​​Misty J. 11/05/2018

"Animal Care Hospital takes ulimate care of my Spencer and my Piper!"
Loni P. 10/28/2018

"Ellie loves coming to the vet!"
Tara B. 10/26/2018

"Everyone is so nice and helpful. We always get freat service and feedback for our pets."
Kay & Wiliam M. 10/18/2018

"I don't trust my animals with anyone else. My mom passed away recently and they sent a card. Just great people all around."
​​​​​​​Holly K. 10/14/2018

"I appreciate you helping me with an urgent visit when my local vet wouldn't. I loved the kindness and compassion your staff showed."
Gary & Wnedy A. 10/13/2018

"I would never take my pets anywhere else. I always recommend your office."
​​​​​​​Anna C. 10/2/2018

"BB & JR both cats and our dog Misty: always go to Animal Care for their expert care! Thank you Staff Meow, Meow, and woof."
​​​​​​​Nancy & Larry M. 9/30/2018

"Great, professional staff!"
Jeremy L. 9/24/2018

"Every experience is wonderful. The entire team is always caring, professional and compassionate!"
​​​​​​​Sue H. 9/7/2018

"It was perfect!"
Roger & Pam G. 9/5/2018

"I called Saturday morning for my dog. Got usin. Very caring and professional, even if it was busy with other emergencies."
​​​​​​​Kelly & John H. 8/28/2018

"Everyone is always wonderful & professional!"
Steven & Wendy D. 8/27/2018

"Our pets Amber and U are very thankful!"
Carol & Terry F. 8/24/2018

"I feel like almost everyone there is family!"
​​​​​​​Andrea H. 8/23/2018

"We have been taking our greyhound Paris, to Animal Care for many years. Dr. Nicky and staff have always shown the greatest care and compassion to her and us. We not only trust them to take care of her health but also to care for her overnight stays. Now that our beloved pup is aging, Dr. Bauer & Dr. Nicky are working with us to keep Paris as healthy and comfortable as possible."
Sarah & Eric P. 8/22/2018

"The hospital is clean. The staff is warm and friendly. Dr. Nicky is fantastic, I'm very comfortable with them all taking care of my precious Donatta."
​​​​​​​Penny G. 8/20/2018

"Loving and caring with our 4 legged friends."
​​​​​​​Karla Y 8/19/2018

"Amazing care for Avery as always! You were able to squeeze her in on short notice."
​​​​​​​Shannon & Jay E. 8/14/2018

"Everyone was very kind and friendly!"
​​​​​​​Dawn A. 8/12/2018

"Love Animal Care Hospital! The Doctors are great and so ar all of the staff!
Mary & Joe G. 8/11/2018

"The whole staff was great and DR. Nicky took the time to explain everything!"
Sophie & Kenneth W. 8/10/2018

"You all are the BEST!"
Michelle & Peter K. 8/3/2018

"Excellent care. Julie has always been great to our animals. Actually all your workers are excellent. Thank You!
Dave O. 8/3/2018

"Great expereince!"
​​​​​​​John P. 7/28/2018

"Thank you everyone for taking care of my puppers!"
Kendra C. 7/28/2018

"The techs and administrative staff are always so helpful, and so patient with my uncooperative beast. I am a loyal customer!"
Daphne Z. 7/28/2018

"The veterinarian and vet tech were both GREAT...Mittens is doing well...!!!"
​​​​​​​Michelle & Scott C. 7/23/2018

"It was perfect! Thanks for taking such good care of our precious girl!
Lisa W. 7/13/2018

"Thank You! She is doing well!"
Jim H. 7/12/2018

"Dr. Bauer & Julie, the technician, did an excellent job of helping Belle on Monday July 2, 2018. They were very pleasant, informative & a pleasure to work with, Cindi & I are looking forward to working with the doctors & staff at Animal Care Hospital of Morris in the future!"
​​​​​​​Darryl & Cindi S. 7/05/2018

"You guys are always fantastic and go above and beyond!"
Misty J. 7/2/2018

"Wow! I was very impressed by the compassion and kindness of EVERYONE I came into contact with at the clinic! I am a small animal veterinarian myself and was spending the day out at some family property when I noticed by 7 year old lab mix had suddenly become lethargic and had profound abdominal distention/bloating. Being a veterinarian my mind went to the worst possible scenarios (a bleeding abdominal mass or a stomach bloat and torsion). I could not even fathom driving over an hour to my practice to have him seen, so I called Animal Care Hospital around 1:45 on a Friday afternoon. They were booked but they happily accommodated Finn and myself. They asked that I come straight in and when we arrived they were prepared to see him and start his diagnostic work up. Everyone from the front desk staff (Lauri and Kerri), to the hospital manager (Matt) , the technicians and Dr. Nicky were beyond helpful. It's funny how everything you know goes out the window when something scary happens with your own pet. What a wonderful practice full of kind-hearted, compassionate people, practicing fabulous (and efficient) medicine! Thank you to everyone who helped make Finn (and me) feel better- we are both so very grateful!"
Dr. Lauren & Brian B. 7/2/2018

"Thank you to Dr. Nicky and staff for being so kind and accommodating at Nikki's appointment. A +++!"
Alana McN. 6/29/2018
"You are all wonderful!!!"
Nicole S. 6/24/2018

"We are very satisfied with Animal Care."
​​​​​​​Charlotte & Paul K. 6/7/2018

"You guys are always awesome! Thank You for taking great care of Peanut!"
​​​​​​​Karla V. 5/29/2018

"I can't think of a single thing that I would change about our visit. Hansie and I both had a no-anxiety visit. Things were calm, quiet and he enjoyed all the attention!"
Gloria S. 5/27/2018

"The entire staff was absolutely wonderful. We appreciate the time Dr. Bauer took reviewing what the breeder had told us."
Sue & Mark H. 5/15/2018

"We love bringing our animals there and will continue to refer people to you!"
​​​​​​​Megan D. 5/11/2018

"This has been a great experience. This is my first puppy/dog ever. I had no idea what to expect. I wish all human doctors treated their patients with true caring and respectfulness."
Loni P. 5/8/2018

"Your team of care providers are friendly, professional, non-judgmental and really care about the animal. The young lady that cut Wrigley's nails for us actually did a better job than his groomer. She did it exactly as I was hoping she would. Excellent job! It took two days, but Wrigley is feeling much better. THANK YOU! P.S. Also than you for working with my budget."
Phyllis & Kent D. 5/8/2018

"I love Dr. Bauer. She is my favorite!"
Michelle P. 5/7/2018

"Best place I have ever taken my dog too. Great Staff!
​​​​​​​Kelly S. 4/30/2018

"You have a great staff!"
Betty & Tom L. 4/28/2018

"We love your clinic and everyone there. You all are so friendly and caring towards our babies. I bring our kitty there because I know she will be treated well and trust the skills and knowledge Dr. Nicky has. We are also going to try boarding soon when we go away and I know they will take great care of her there too! Thank you for being so wonderful!"
Misty's Mom & Dad 4/27/2018

"Thank you all at Animal Care Hospital for taking such good care of Bailey. You people are the best! I don't have to worry about him when he has to stay."
Roxie McK. 4/25/2018

"Dr. Nicky and staff are great!"
​​​​​​​Jill W. 4/22/2018

"You were all amazing taking extra time to make sure Jose was comfortable and not nervous."
​​​​​​​Carol & Lynn T. 4/15/2018

"Our first experience was wonderful . All questions answered and we were very pleased."
Debbie W. 4/13/2018

"Everyone was very friendly and made Deuce feel very comfortable!"
​​​​​​​Janice & Steve K. 4/12/2018

"It would be impossible for the service to be any better!"
Beth H. 4/8/2018

"Thank you Dr. Nicky!"
Carol & Terry F. 04/8/2018

"Great Staff! Don't Change a Thing!"
​​​​​​​Kirsten B. 4/6/2018

"Friendly staff, no long waiting times to get in, knowlegeable Veterinarian, clean facility."
Bethany L. 3/6/2018

"We were very happy with your service even though we lost Frank. Every one ws very supportive and caring! Thank you so much for everything you did to try and help Frank."
Carol S. 2/25/2018

"Our dog really loves Cindy. She makes him feel very safe even though he can be a fearful dog. He even kisses her before we leave. The kindness that Cindy shows to our dog is greatly appreciated."
Antoinette & John T. 2/16/2018

"Always very pleased!"
Holly K. 2/3/18

"They did great withFonzie! I am happy with your service!"
Beverly B. 2/3/18

"Everyone goes above & beyond. Facility is always clean & comfortable for humans & pets."
Steven & Wendy D. 2/2/18

"I can't think of a single thing you could do to improve your service! I trust and admire everyone on the staff of Animal Care Hospital."
​​​​​​​Beth Hobby 1/29/2018

"The staff was very helpful and friendly!"
​​​​​​​Ashley & Darren C. 1/15/2018

"Everything was just fine. Misty only came in for presurgical blood work and the tech took her and had her back in no time. They got blood, clipped her nails and weighed her in about 15 mins. We have a lot of trust and faith in Dr. Nicky and the techs and support staff. We are happy to be your clients."
Misty J. 1/5/2018

"We are very happy with the service provided. Thanks - Rosie!"
Burt & Lupe L. 1/08/2018

"Our experience was very positive. Dr. Bauer and her assistant were kind, compassionate and helpful."
Russ F. 12/31/2017

"I am always pleased to bring Penny. It is a highly trusted, safe, clean and gentle process."
Robin Karpinski 12/21/2017

"I've always been very happy with your service. Just keep up the good work!"
Forrest McC. 12/05/2017

"Dr. Nicky has always been so patient and thoughtul with both the care of your pets as well as with us. The kind and gentle demeanor of the entire staff is the reason we will continue to return. We trust this team. Thank you to everyone."
​​​​​​​Susan R. 11/25/2017

"Your team was great; very FRIENDLY, CARING, and HELPFUL as possible, always! Dr. Nicky always takes time to answer all my questions and instruct clearly and care for my pet. I like her common sense ways; she discusses with me what needs to be done for my pet before proceeding; and doesn't automatically do procedures and add on unnecessary charges. I feel my kitty gets the best of care when boarded. Never a worry, always a relief to leave kitty!"
Vic & Beth T. 11/20/2017

"Tommy (my cat) even liked being at Animal Care Hospital. He was so relaxed."
​​​​​​​Jolene & Daniel W. 11/16/2017

"Treated with care and compassion, Thank you!"
Fr. Richard S. 10/27/2017

"There's nothing you could have done to make it better - you guys are the best! Thank you!"
​​​​​​​Del T. 10/23/2017

"We gove Animal Care Hospital an A+ rating! Their staff are so caring and eager to help when our dog was not well. Thank you so much Dr. Nicky and staff! We won't go anywhere else! <3 <3"
Kelly & Kevin Mcc. 10/20/2017

"Great staff and experience every time. When it comes to knowledgeable, caring staff they hit the mark! Well worth the price!"
Kevin S. 10/14/2017

"I like the clean appearance of the hospital. Very friendly and helpful."
Susie J. 10/13/2017

"Timmy is always welcome and I really like the personal attention, very pleased with his care."
Susan & Rich H. 10/5/2017

"It's been a great experience both times that we have brought Tonka to the vet!"
Loraine D. 10/1/2017

"We love Dr. Nicky!"
Carol & Terry F. 9/27/2017

"I will always come here, the best service ever and treat my Savannah's so well!!!"
​​​​​​​Laura C. 9/29/2017

"It was good the way it was, I apreciated that you'd be willing to check out our 2 pups at the same time! Made a huge difference. Thank You!"
Kyle H. 9/29/2017

"You always take special care of Mr. Snuggles!!! He is such a loveable kittycat!!!"
Karen & Bill N. 9/25/2017

"I was very pleased with the urgent care Peppa received at her recent illness appointment. I was so worried about her and you put my mind at ease. I know you took every precaution and I just want you to know that Peppa is doing really well. You handled everything right and you really made my day, I want to thank you for the kindness that you show in the care that you offered Peppa."
​​​​​​​Joan and Steve S. 9/25/2017

"I love your office. Each of the staff are not onfly professional, they are so concerning and caring, Thank You!!"
​​​​​​​Ruth G. 9/22/2017

"Always a great service to my fur baby."
Erica & Matt C. 9/19/2017

"Great staff, feel very safe having them care for our Angel."
Tim M. 9/15/2017

"We have recommended your facility to several folks."
​​​​​​​Raynell McD. 9/14/2017

"Love the place, the Veterinarians are the best."
​​​​​​​Anna C. 9/12/2017

"Thanks for always taking such great care of the Roos!"
Caroline P. 9/10/2017

"Thanks for taking care of Abby! We lobe the pictures that are sent to us when she is there. It reassures us all is well!"
​​​​​​​Dan & Carol T. 9/5/2017

"Thank you for taking such good care of Bo over the years, everyone at Animal Care Hospital truly made us feel that they cared about her. My family and I can't tell you how much we appreciated all of your messages on the card you sent us about Bo's passing."
Nancy & Dave A. 9/5/2017

"Harley loves all of you and we do also. You all do such a great job! Keep up the good work."
​​​​​​​Thelma & Larrry B. 9/5/2017

"I have highly recommended Dr. Nicky to several friends! She is so patient and takes her time at each visit....we love her!"
Daphne Z. 9/3/2017

"Duke is a member of our family and very important to us all. The doctor's and staff have always shown compassion as well as provdining excellent care of him throughout the years. We are very happy and will continue to bring Duke in for all of his needs to Animal Care. Thank You!"
​​​​​​​Jeff & Kim S. 8/31/2017

"I am very impressed with how Penny's recent surgery went. Your office staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The Vet Tech we had was absolutely wonderful! She was calm and made us feel so great about Penny's care. I have absolute confidence in Dr. Bauer, she is very condfident and smart in her care. I love Animal Care Hospital."
​​​​​​​Kerry & Brad D. 8/24/2017

"Everyone at the hospital was so great and they made both Toby and I feel like we were family and so compassionate. I will highly recommend the hospital and staff!"
Beverly Crouch 8/18/2017
"A very nice, friendly group of people who seem to not only care about your dog, but also about you! Thanks for your kindness and compassion. So many people and businesses forget the reason we are here, to help each other, You guys make it a part of your business."
Janet A. 8/18/2017

"I am an established customer. This is my third dog as a patient, I trust them. They are professional and caring."
​​​​​​​Lynn McGee 8/14/2017

"Great Doctors and all the staff are very friendly."
Mary & Joe G. 8/10/2017

"Always happy with ACH!"
​​​​​​​Holly K. 8/6/2017

"Everyone is professional yet friendly, organized operation and cleanest clinic on the planet."
Vic & Beth T. 8/6/2017

"Very friendly, professional service and were able to answer all my question."
Glen & Cheri M. 8/4/2017

"Love taking my pets here. Everyone here does an amazing job!"
Dana Z. 8/2/2017

"Everyone was Awesome!"
John & Cindy D. 7/31/2017

​​​​​​​"Always happy with our experience!"
Becky D. 7/29/2017

"Cindy was wonderful with my dog (Marigold) and made trimming her nails a breeze!
Jill & Jeff S. 7/28/2017

"I have not complaints! We have never been happier with the care of our pups! Thank you Animal Care Hospital. Keri at the front desk greets us like family. Stephanie is so knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Nikki is a dream!"
​​​​​​​Deborah & Aaron S. 7/24/2017

"The staff is always amazing and they care so much for our pet. Cindy the tech is absolutely amazing and treats our special family member with the absolute best care!"
Christopher D. 7/22/2017

"I can't think of a single thing to make you better!"
Mary & Thomeas D. 7/22/2017

"Everyone was Awesome!"
Karla B. 7/21/2017

"Could not have been better. It was perfect!"
Diane H. 7/21/2017

"We are so happy with Animal Care's services!! A+ in our books! We apreciate your care and trust with our vital family members!"
Kelly & Kevin Mcc. 7/21/2017

"I was very satisfied and would not recommend any changes."
John P. 7/21/2017

"Dr. Bauer is always a pleasure to see, she takes the time explain things to you, good job!"
​​​​​​​Betty & Tom L. 7/20/2017

"I have been going to Animal Care Hospital for 10 years (2 dogs) since we moved to Morris."
Dana R. 7/20/2017

"I am very satisfied with your staff, excellent care is greatly appreciated."
Linda O. 7/11/2017

"Great visit, no complaints, just compliments on a good visit"
​​​​​​​Erica C. 7/10/2017

"Excellent care! Thanks!!
​​​​​​​Betsy L. 7/03/2017

"Everything was great, thanks."
Carol & lynn T. 6/28/2017

"Got Duncan in whithout an appointment, caring staff, took great care of him and explained treatment well - Couldn't be better."
Laurel C. 6/27/2017

"My big dogs needed updated and Dr. Nicky squeezed us in that afternoon. Thank you soooo much!"
​​​​​​​Lori C. 6/26/2017

"You have been so good to me, and all of my cats! Every since I first started coming there."
​​​​​​​Jennifer R. 6/25/2017

"Amazing Doctor's and Staff!"
Tana S. 6/21/2017

Janice G. 6/19/2017

"Already have recommended two times to friends!"
Anthony J. 6/17/2017

"My dogs always receive great care. Dr.'s and staff are awesome!"
​​​​​​​Karla V. 6/14/2017

"You guys were great!"
Jolene & Daniel W. 6/10/2017

"I have only been here twice, but both times I had the perfect experience, thank you!"
​​​​​​​Alissa P. 5/27/2017

"Love this place and my sister works there, which is a bunus, Thanks for the excellent service guys!"
​​​​​​​Tammy P. 5/22/2017

"Our dogs revieve great care from the vet, vet techs, and entire office team. They are wonderful!"
Antoninette & John T. 5/19/2017

"I wouldn't trust my pets with anyone else! This visit was an emergency and they got us in immediately, AS ALWAYS. Always a pleasant experience with these folks. They treat my pups like their own."
​​​​​​​Barbara & Ron K. 5/16/2017

"As always, there is professionalism among all the staff and the vet, Dr. Nicky, I am very happy to have this location as Pepper's vet."
​​​​​​​Janet L. 5/12/2017

"It was perfect!"
Lu B. 5/8/2017

"Made this mom, HAPPY!"
​​​​​​​Joanne S. 4/29/2017

"Everything was perfect!"
John & Cindy D. 4/28/2017

"The staff is outstanding!"
​​​​​​​Monica E. 4/27/2017

"Your handling of my dog was the best. Bailey is skittish around strangers, but you take care of her and she isn't afraid. She knows when we come through the door she is going to see some strangers, and she handles it wll, so thank you for taking good care of my friend."
​​​​​​​Bette & Donald F. 4/25/2017

"Our chihuahua, Hydro, is always given special attention and treated with love, even when he gets a bit feisty. I am confident that he will be treated by the techs as if he is their own pet. Same goes for our cat, Jerry. Doctor Bauer and Dr. Nicky are also very patient, knowledgeable, and thorough when examining our pets and I now they have their best interest at heart. I also appreciate the extra step they take to make sure, we as the pet owners understand their recommendations and decisions. The staff too is helpful and friendly. Love this veterinary hospital!"
Tracy & Mike B. 4/21/2017

"Everyone is very friendly and they all have a lot of knowledge for the care of the animals."
​​​​​​​Claudia L. 4/18/2017

"We were happy with our recent visit. The dog seems to be doing much better. Dr. Nicky has built a very nice business. It is something to be proud of!
​​​​​​​Ron & Joann N. 4/16/2017

"Thanks for taking good care of Gus!!"
​​​​​​​Katie L. 3/27/2017

"Nothing but great things to say about Animal Care Hospital - from the front office, the back office, the techs, and the doctors!"
Beth H. 3/25/2017

"We have been with Dr. Nicki since she opened her own clinic! We dearly love her and how she treats our girls! We have been through a lot over all the years!!"
​​​​​​​JoEllyn & Brian J. 3/17/2017

"Didn't have an appointment but had an emergency with my dog. They got me in on a very busy Saturday and were very thorough with helping my pet."
​​​​​​​Diana D. 3/15/2017

"Everyone is so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. When I walke into the hospital I feel like I'm home again."
​​​​​​​Thelma & Larry B. 3/11/2017

"I appreciate the expressions of gratitude for our business and the efficiency of our visits."
​​​​​​​Jon R. 3/6/2017

"Absolutely love Animal Care Hospital and Dr. Bauer!!"
​​​​​​​Renee M. 3/3/2017

"Everyone always treats hunter like he was your own. We than you for that. Hunter loves all of you! Thank you again for taking excellent care of hunter, we thank the doctors and all of the staff, we know hunter will always be taken care of!"
Joann & Brian S. 2/16/2017

"Maggie ALWAYS loves her baths! We are hoping Cali does/will too!"
Andrea B. 2/26/2017

"We have full trust in your hospital for all our fur babys health needs."
Carol & Terry F. 2/26/2017

"Love you guys!"
Jolene & Daniel W. 2/24/2017

"Our experience was exceptional, as always! :)"
​​​​​​​Lisa W. 2/21/2017

"We feel our dogs get the best care here, and will continue bringing them in for wellness check ups and any health issues that may come up. Friendly staff and great Vets."
​​​​​​​Doc & Barb H. 2/20/2017

"Everyone is so nice to our dog who can be a handful at times. He is very comfortable in their care."
​​​​​​​Antoinette & John T. 2/20/2017

"Everything was fantastic. Thank you so much for taking car of our boy!"
​​​​​​​David J. 2/11/2017

"Couldn't be any better, you guys are awesome!"
Rhonda O. 2/9/2017

"Very professional and showed compassion for Maggie, which means a lot. Not only do they exhibit these qualities, but are both highly skilled and qualified."
John P. 2/5/2017

"The staff is amazing!"
Ken & Debra J. 2/4/2017

"Visit was excellent!"
Donald & Marlene R. 1/30/2017

"We love Animal Care Hospital!"
Tana S. 1/24/2017

"You did a great job and I can't thank you enough for saving my cats life. I don't know where I would be without you.
​​​​​​​Kimberly S. 1/23/2017

"Everything was great, as usual!"
Janice G. 1/17/2017

"Doctors and Staff are all fantastic. Thanks for being there for Gretta (and us)."
Gail & Dan B. 1/16/2017

"From the itme I walk inthe door until I leave, we are always treated like family. Everyone is super nice and helpful!"
Katie S. 1/9/2017

"It was an enjoyable trip for Findley and me! I don't know thier names, but two different ladies helped take and bring out Findley to my car. She usually gets real hyper at the vet, but she went right with them!!!!"
Ginger & Russell F. 1/4/2017

"Animal Care Hospitel is great! We appreciate knowing you are there to take great care of our newest member of our family!"
David & Christi S. 1/1/2017

"Very happy with the service."
​​​​​​​Russ F. 12/30/2016

"Everyone at Animal Care Hospital has been fantastic with Harley. We couldn't ask for better. It helps to know we have people who are knowledgable and caring to rely on."
​​​​​​​Thelma & Larry B. 12/18/2016

"Curly and I had a great experience at our last visit. We got right in, the Dr. took alot of time explaining everything to me, and to check out was very quick. AND Curly was so happy to get a Get Well Christmas Card. That is going the extra mile for us. Thank You...."
Diane R. 12/16/2016

"We have had a great experience with Animal Care Hospitl of Morris so far. The staff are very helpful and friendly and they really look out for what is best for our cat!"
Sarah M. 12/14/2016

"It was perfect! Very friendly staff & very attentive to Loki's needs."
Sheila & Geoff C. 12/10/2016

"Max always receives wonderful care at Animal Care hospitl of Morris. Everyone is so kind to him!"
Antoinette & John T. 12/10/2016

Everyone is great! From the time you enter the door, you are greeted with friendly smiles. My dog LOVES going because he gets pets and treats. Recently had to have one of our cats euthanized. Everyone was very caring . Can not say enough about the care our pets get when we go to ACH!"
​​​​​​​Janice G. 12/4/2016

"Friendly staff, great service, very smart doctors!"
Bailey McA. 12/4/2016

Best doctors and staff!"
Anna C. 11/30/2016

"Thanks as always for getting us in quickly and taking great care of our babies!"
Barbara & Ron K. 11/23/2016

"All my animals get excellent care when I bring them in. The employees are so nice and professional."
Terry & Greg W. 11/20/2019

"I am so happy I found this place for El Chapo. I know he will be treated well here, thank you!"
Janet & Frank C. 11/19/2016

"I don't think it could've been any better everyone is great!"
Rhonda O. 11/07/2016

"I love taking my dogs there, the care is amazing and I know my dogs are in good hands."
​​​​​​​Stephanie & Kenneth N. 11/04/2016

"I think my experience was great. Nothing I could offer would make it better."
Kay & William McG 11/04/2016

Peg E. 10/15/2015

"You are all quite wonderful. I won't take my baby girl anywhere else."
Elizabeth Jo T. 10/13/2016

"They are great there!"
Kristie S. 10/10/16

"Doing Good!"
​​​​​​​Susie Johnson 10/09/2016

"Very friendly, they show that they really care about cookie."
Mary & Gerald M. 10/09/2016

"I was very happy with our visit."
​​​​​​​Donald & Marlene R. 10/02/2016

"I am always happy with the service at this vet."
Wendy E. 9/27/2016

"Our experience was great. Especially appreciated the call this morning to check up on Miley. Top notch!
Kristin & Matt S. 9/12/2016

"ACH is amazing every time I bring Nissa. Everyone is excellent, at all phases of each visit!"
​​​​​​​Anne B. 9/9/2016

"Always excellent care and superb customer service. Could not ask for a better staff!!"
Kevin & Barbara K. 8/27/2016

"We love the facility for our cats boarding."
Tana S. 8/26/2016

"It was great! In & out on time. everyone was professional & kind & very good with Ellie. Don't change anything!"
​​​​​​​Lynn McG 8/22/2016

"Everyone there is amazing!"
Dawn I. 8/21/2016

"Very knowledgeable Doc and great customer service!"
Carissa S. 8/19/2016

"Everyone is so friendly! And the new pet partner app is awesome! loving that!"
Alana Mcnabb 8/16/2016

"You couldn't have been better. Dr. Bauer and Crystal were great with Gretta as usual. We know she is always in excellent hands. Thanks for being there for us.
Gail & Dan B. 8/14/2016

"I think everyone was so nice and good to Charlie."
Tiffany & Chad L. 8/11/20106

"She is always taken care of very will."
Janet L. 8/1/2016

"You guys are so awesome very helpful and caring."
​Marie M. 7/29/2016

"Your Larry's second home!"
​Henry & Leslie B. 07/29/2016

"We had a wonderful experience!"
​Dr. Bobbi L. 7/24/2016

"It was perfect!"
Donald & Marlene R. 7/24/2016

"The clinic is operated well at every level. Very personable, helpful staff. For sure the cleanest clinic/hospital I've ever been too. How can you improve that!"
​Vic & Beth T. 7/13/2016

"What I appreciated about our visit; 1.) taken almost immediately to a room = less stress for pet. 2.) front desk personnel friendly. 3.) Skilled and gentle technician's help with getting pet prepared for doctor's exam. 4.) Helpful pamphlets to explain how to administer medicine. 5.) Office/Hospital Manager (Matt) is always sincerely interested in animals and their owners. He is WONDERFUL! "
​Delores R. 7/11/2016

"Benji was taken care of great! Love the service."
​Becky D. 7/08/2016

"Everything you did was perfect."
​Marilyn & Larry R. 7/4/2016

"Complete confidence in this caring, skilled group."
​Tim M. 6/23/2016

"Chester and I are both pleased with the care and attention he received."
​Jon R. 6/12/2016

"The Dr and staff are incredible, I feel that they saved my dogs life."
Mike & Holly M. 6/7/2016

"Always very pleased with you guys!"
Barbara & Ron K. 6/7/2016

"Cathy took such great care of my boys!"
Kendra C. 6/6/2016

"You take fabulous care of our furbabies needs!"
Tana S. 6/6/2016

"I absolutely love the care Nissa receives. Great Dr.s, great staff!"
​Anne B. 06/04/2016

"Everyone is very friendly and compassionate."
Karla Y. 5/26/2016

"Great Staff!! Very Caring!"
Linda V. 5/23/2016

"Always great care!"
​Janet L. 5/15/2016

"Everybody was wonderful. Thank you for taking Dottie out to car! Awesome!"
Jennifer R. 5/14/2016

"Our first visit was great! I expecially appreciated the staff whisking my cat and me into an exam room so he wouldn't get stressed out by the dogs. We sat in there and filled out the new patient paperwork. GREAT!"
​Lu B. 5/12/2016

"My experience was great!"
Stephanie & Kenneth N. 5/9/2016

"Very happy with all of your services."
Cynthia & James C. 5/2/2016

"Was a lovely and quick visit."
David & Lori C. 4/25/2016

"Service & Staff are excellent!"
Burton & Sharon H. 4/24/2016

"Nice Staff!!"
​Penny & Kurt W. 4/23/2016

"Everyone is great! From the time you enter the door, you are greeted with friendly smiles. My dog LOVES going because he gets pets and treats. Recently had to have one of our cats euthanized. Everyone was very caring. Cannot say enough about the care our pets get when we go to ACH."
Janice G. 4/12/2016

"Always treated very well and Boomer loves coming!"
Janice G. 4/9/2016

"Every time I'm there with any of my dogs, I get the best service from the time I walk in the door until I leave. You even make paying the bill pleasant!!!"
​Steven & Wendy D. 4/8/2016

"I think you all did an excellent job with her. I was very impressed with the time and attention to detail with her."
​Janice R. 4/8/2016

"ACH seems to like and understand cats. Chester and I appreciate that!"
​Jon R. 4/4/2016

"I really love Dr. Nicky and her loving attitude toward my cats over the years!"
Susan A. 4/4/2016

"As usual the care given by everyone at Animal Care far surpasses any vet I've ever been to. Thank you for taking care of Cooper."
Sue & Rob P. 4/1/2016

"Very Prompt to get my dogs in for an appointment."
​Maria & Ninfa G. 3/29/2016

"We couldn't ask for better care with Harley. All the staff are so caring and extremely competent."
​Thelma & Larry B. 3/29/2016

"I've always had wonderful experiences with ACH over the years. I would never consider taking my critters anywhere else."
​Beth H. 3/28/2016

"As you know . . . Love you guys, thumbs up!"
Deb G. 3/27/216

"We love everyone and they are so compassionate."
​Karla Y. 3/21/2016

"Everything is great! Charley is always so happy to stay with you! Everyone does a great job!"
Mary & John R. 03/23/2016

"We've always had a pleasant experience while visiting the Animal Care Hospital. The Staff is friendly and professional."
​Dennis & Diane F. 3/21/2016

"Max was content when I picked him up, I think he received great care. Good Job!"
​Tana S. 3/17/2016

""I really don't think it can get any better, everyone there knws what they're doing, and are very caring with our pets, all of you are very much appreciated, thank you for your service in making our pets healthy!!!"
Dora C. 3/17/2016

"Everyone is so friendly!"
- Andrea H. 3/15/2016

"It was great!"
- Erica W. 3/14/2016

"The staff and doctors are all great. Especially Cindy! She takes care of our most precious family member quite often."
​ - Christopher D. 03/13/2016

"It was wonderful. Staff is considerte and caring!"
​- Sue & Mark H. 3/8/2016

"Thank You <3!"
​- Kendra C. 3/7/2016

"Friendly and very knowledeable and careing for your best friends!"
​- Scott & Beth G. 3/6/2016

"Very friendly and caring staff!"
- Laurel C. 2/27/2016

"You guys always take care of our babies, and I really appreiciate it, thank you!"
- Del T. 2/27/2016

"Dukes Dr. was amazing!"
- Sandy R. 2/26/2016

"There really was nothing you could have done better this visit. We love bringing our pets to you!"
- Jamie & Bob Z. 2/26/2016

"Thanks so much for taking care of my fur baby! Excellent service and care!!"
- Michele & Jim C. 2/22/2016

"I have always been satisfied with my visits to your clinic. The Doctors seem to be very knowledgeable and the support staff are great to work with and always kind."
- Sue Lynn M. 2/22/2016

"After I adopted Sophie, I tried a veterinary clinic closer to home and did not get a sense of the dedication I recieve from all of the staff at Animal Care Hospital of Morris. She is my darling, and I expect others to recognize that without needing to say so. You are all wonderfull and will forever have my busniess and support. Thank you for all that you do."
​- Elizabeth Jo T. 2/18/2016

"Everything was perfect with friendly receptionisits and handlers."
​- Monica E. 2/05/2016

"We have always enjoyed our experiences at the office. No complaints, only praise for doctors and staff!"
​- Dennis & Diane F. 2/02/2016

"Everyone is very friendly! No complaints."
- Sue & Paul L. 2/01/2016

"Neo is in very good health thanks to you . . . he's a very happy baby!!"
- Randy D. 02/01/2016

"Love how all the staff is always so friendly, feels like family."
- Mary & Joe G. 1/28/2016

"Everyone was great!"
- Andy K. 1/26/2016

"I am always pleased with the level of professionalism and knowledge when I bring my pets to Animal Care Hospital. Would not entrust the health of my fur kids to anyone else."
- Marilyn Y. 1/25/2016

"I have no doubt that you have Gretta's health foremost in your care for her. We appreciate all of you. Thank you for being there for Gretta and for us.
- Dan & Gail B. 1/20/2016

"You folks are the best. Thanks for always being there and for being so good to me and the boys."
- Gail G. 1/11/2016

"Wonderful environment and great staff. Beautiful facility."
- Tana & Rick S. 1/11/2016

"Great People that care! Excellent care for our daschund Angel."
- Tim M. 1/03/2016

"I am very pleased with your service and very glad we found your animal hospital."
- Fran & Robert K. 1/02/2016

"You continue to be the best, so please don't change anything! Thank You!"
- Del T. 12/31/2015

​"Appreciate the hard work of all the staff from the front desk to everyone behind the doors. My dog is my sweetheart and they seem to understand that. When I needed to get her in they accommodated us in a timely fashion. Thank You!"

- Anonymous 11/26/2015

"Everything about our visits to your facility are great."
- Kay & William M 11/12/2015

"I could not ask for better care than the staff of your hospital gave my dog Shelly. Anytime I needed help with her ie. giving medications, checking her pain level, and just showing her love, one of your staff was there, and Dr. Bauer is one in a million, all I can say is Thank You for saving my baby’s life! You guys are nothing short of GREAT!"
- Carolann W. 11/9/2015

"I cannot thank you enough. Gizmoe has come there for 16 years. My mother may bring him, but calls me every single time. THANK YOU FOR CARING!"
- Carrie D. 11/7/2015