Until Further Notice

Caring for your pets medical and wellness needs has never been MORE essential!

We are here for your scheduled appointments, your phone calls, and your medication and diet needs.

In the event of a Pet Emergency: Please call 815-941-9924 for assistance

We have changed the workflow of the practice. We are doing this to continue to provide quality medical care while keeping you and your family safe. Until the end of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, only members of Animal Care Hospital staff will be permitted inside the building. We appreciate your understanding of this.

1. For scheduled medical and surgical appointments:
*Please call us (815) 941-9924 when you arrive in the parking lot and remain in your vehicle.

*A customer service representative will discuss your needs by phone when you arrive. At the end of the phone conversation, a care professional will come to the parking lot to bring your pet into the building for evaluation. Please wear a face covering any time you are interacting with our staff.

*After the medical team evaluates your pet, you will receive a phone call from your veterinarian to discuss recommendations and a plan moving forward. Verbal consent for treatment and diagnostics will be authorized via this phone call.

*Once the care of your pet is complete, the discharge process will be discussed. At that time a customer service representative will speak with you via phone to collect payment.

*We understand that extenuating circumstances may arise and we will work with you to accommodate these situations, with everyone's health and safety taking priority.

*Please understand that social distancing and curbside service require extra steps and time in each appointment. Your patience during these longer appointment times is greatly appreciated. Be sure to bring a book to read or play a game on your phone while you wait in your vehicle.

2. Food & Medication Online:
* Take advantage of our online store at achmorris.com - or ask a staff member to email you a link right from the product in our store. You simply click and order - Delivered right to your door.

3. Food & Medication Pick Up:
* Please call ahead and allow 24-48 hours for us to prepare the product. You may be asked to pre-pay for your order over the phone at time of order.

*Call us when you arrive to the hospital parking lot and we will bring the medication out to you.

We appreciate your patience as we work together to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our community while still providing your pet with quality care.

Finally, it saddens us to have to even state this, but: Any person or persons who verbally abuse our staff, treat them rudely, or make any physical or verbal threat for ANY REASON, will be banned for their lifetime from ever receiving ANY services from Animal Care Hospital of Morris!